2023 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari march update

2023 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari march update


"Hi Everyone,

It's just under 6 months until we welcome you all back to Wentworth for the 2023 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari! Time is certainly flying, and we're not wasting any in preparations for this year's event. Regulations should be available within the next few weeks, at which point in time entries will officially open.

We are so gratified by the level of support we've received already from competitors; there are already over 60 nominations for this year's event! It's very heartening to know that so many of you are enjoying what Anne and I put together for you each year, and we certainly wouldn't do it otherwise! It does create a bit of a potential problem though, in the fact that we have to have a maximum number of entries in order to maintain our schedule, which requires daylight for our medivac helicopter to cover the competitive stages. I'm absolutely not going to reduce the competitive distance, or dilute the nature of the rally to accommodate more entries, so it is unfortunately very much a case of "first in, best dressed". Once entries are open we will no longer accept nominations, which means unless you're one of the first 20 or so (at this point, based on the number of nominations we've received) to submit your completed entry form, and pay the entry fee, it's likely that you'll miss out on being able to enter this year.

The only way to guarantee your place in the 2023 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari is to submit a nomination form (prior to entries opening), and pay the nomination fee, which is in fact really just a deposit on your overall entry fee. Nomination forms are still available on our website (www.sunraysiasafari.com.au) in the Event Documents section, so if you're serious about having a run this year, I wouldn't delay! Bear in mind we'll only be accepting another 20 or so nominations (as we'll reach our entry capacity) across the entire field, so please get in now to avoid disappointment! I know there's a lot of competitors who will be expecting to enter, but haven't yet, so please get yourselves organised and get a nomination in.

Anne and I are already up at Safari HQ, literally "getting the house in order" (apparently a large skip bin is being placed outside of my workshop which is expected to be filled!!) and preparing for our course surveys to commence. Unfortunately the flood situation is actually still worsening over in the Anabranch region, where we hope to run some new stages this year. As a result, we're delaying our expeditions a little to allow the water to subside, so we can see what's going to be possible to use. We're still well on track to have the course set by the end of May (ready for the official course check in June), so we're doing as much preparation work as we can now to make the surveys more efficient. If nothing else, it's just great to be up in the beautiful Wentworth region once again!

We're currently looking to finalise our sponsorship and event partners for 2023, and beyond, so if you'd like to be involved in our events and promote your brand or business, please get in touch. Sponsors help offset the cost of running the rally, and enable us to keep the entry fees as low as they are. Every entry is largely subsidised thanks to our sponsorship partners, a cost which otherwise we'd have to pass on.

As always, if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me. Under six months will come and go in a flash, so start getting organised!"

Troy Bennett


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