The Mint 400 2023: Dalton Shirey Wins Third BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 Motorcycle Race in Four Years

Add a win in the 2023 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 Motorcycle Race to Dalton Shirey’s ever-growing list of career accomplishments. Shirey’s third Mint 400 win in the past four years came with David Kamo as his teammate for the second year in a row, as the duo teamed up on their #P1 Open Pro Husqvarna to complete six laps of the course in 7:34:04. The two-time and defending National Hare and Hound champion was once again far and away the class of the field, scoring this year’s win by more than 26 minutes.

“I’m feeling amazing right now,” Shirey said after crossing the finish line. “The course was super fun, and that made it easy on the body, so I’m feeling great and not too tired. The bike is in one piece, nothing too crazy—I had one little mistake in the infield, but other than that, it was a good day!”

“I’m feeling great!” added Kamo. “This bike was so amazing, it ran so good all day. We had a great time, and it’s fun being out here. So many people are out here, friends and family, so it’s awesome being out here.”

Fellow Open Pro competitors Danny Cooper and Jesse Canepa had a hard-fought battle of their own for second, with 2021 overall winner Cooper securing the spot over 2022 runner-up Canepa by just over three minutes. 201-300cc class winner Tate Dyer and Open Sportsman winner Coleman Westbay completed the top five.

Saturday’s race marked the fifth consecutive year that motorcycles have run at the Mint 400 since their 2019 return, and once again more than 80 entries lined up to compete in divisions ranging from the Open Pros to Hooligan and Scrambler classes. Alongside Shirey’s trio of victories, only Cooper and former Dakar Rally champion Ricky Brabec have scored overall wins since the race’s revival after what had been a 43-year absence.

The unofficial top overall finishers of the 2023 BFGoodrich Tires Motorcycle Race were as follows:

#P1 Dalton Shirey (Open Pro), 7:34:04
#P7 Danny Cooper (Open Pro), 8:00:55
#P55 Jesse Canepa (Open Pro), 8:04:21
#P227 Tate Dyer (201-300cc Pro), 8:39:40
#S16 Coleman Westbay (Open Sportsman), 9:06:43

Full live timing and results from the event are available at

The Mint 400 has held the title of the toughest, most spectacular off-road race in North America since 1968 when it was first run. Initially, the race was a public relations event promoting the Mint Hotel’s annual deer hunt, but what started out as a hotel promotion soon grew into a legitimate desert race. Since its 2008 revival, “The Great American Off-Road Race” has only gotten bigger and more prestigious, and deeper fields every year only make it tougher to win.

mint 400 15 3 w 2

Source: The Mint 400

Sonora Rally 2023: A New Dawn, A New Day

More Classes, Opportunities for Fans & Significant Support Makes It an All-New Sonora Rally

- Adventure is a part of human nature. A curiosity of the unknown and seeking mystery, excitement, challenge… This is a part of us, if only a little. Or if only vicariously.

Some live these expeditions in their mind, experiencing their odyssey with the imagination. Others live theirs in the field, finding new challenges to face and overcome as means to move closer to a goal. And some do a little of both. All of which are valuable assets to rally-raid. Those that can’t do (or think they can’t), watch and cheer and celebrate the achievements of their favorites. They are our audience. While those who can, push themselves to the brink of what’s possible for their minds, bodies, and machines. They are our competitors. And the middle ground, who are the “bit of everything” folk, tend to be the staff, volunteers, media and creators who suffer the races’ ups and downs with the teams and observes the mayhem as a part of the crowd. Whichever position is played at the event, what goes above all else, is that there’s a place for everyone at the 2023 Sonora Rally.

In an effort to open the doors to privateers even wider, Sonora Rally (SR) has added two new classes: Rally 3 Moto and National 2-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive. For those new to the format, Rally 3 is an entry point into FIM utilizing small-displacement (or enduro style) motorcycles. If rally bikes are a bit out of the budget or riders just aren’t ready to commit to a 450 with a fairing, then this is the perfect gateway to roadbook racing without sacrificing the trials, tribulations, contention, or glory. For those in the Car category looking to race against their kinsmen, the National 2wd and 4wd options makes room for two-wheel-drive buggies and trucks, plus four-wheel-drive production automobiles, on the racecourse. Few seats are available in these groups, so the diligent will find themselves in the lineup. And as a special invitation to us non-competitive rally fanatics, they are continuing their beloved Adventure Raid tour, guided by photographer and writer Chris Collard, to sleep under the stars, tackle the Sonoran Desert, and chase the third round of the World Rally-Raid Championship. This is an unclassified party which will traverse several sections of the official route sans the stress of actually racing.

“We are five weeks out now and are very excited to see the entries coming in from all the big international teams set to race alongside a great turn out of Sonora Rally veterans from the US, Canada, and Mexico. We can’t wait to share the diverse terrain, stunning natural beauty, indigenous cultures, incredible cuisine, and enthusiastic fans of this event with the world!”Erin Lee Skilton, Sonora Rally Director of Operations

Much like the wide range of participants, support for the Sonora Rally has also continued to diversify and grow. Rejoining the Sonora Tourism Bureau, Polaris Mexico, Aventura Eventos and Shiftpod on the bill, MOTUL is back as the official Malle Moto sponsors. They will not only provide a camp in the bivouacs and essential items to the class riders, but a cash prize of $500, $750, and $1,000 to the Top Three winners. While the incentives are great, this genre gives contestants a chance to take on rally-raid like the originals: barebones without support, generally a bit less expensive for lack of equipment and supplies, and designed to punish. For those looking to test themselves to the extreme or save a penny, then Malle Moto will be the chosen path. Only ten spots are free, so this will be another category for privateers to sign up for right away. New to the team is Rollercam, the “best cam buckle tie-down straps you’ve ever used.” As a partner, they will secure every load, hold down every canopy, and offer peace of mind during every transport to the next bivouac. They are also generously offering Sonora Rally fans a 10% discount on their products using the codes that have been and will be released on SR’s social media channels. Not that you need another reason to follow the rally on Instagram.

With Springtime on the horizon, it’s high-time for the announcement of the 2023 route. State capitol, Hermosillo, will be the launching point yet again in the event’s 9th year. Here for the first time, the public will be welcomed to parc fermé to have a close-up look at the world’s most formidable (and expensive in some cases) purpose-built off-road vehicles. This same opportunity will be granted at the finale in San Luis Río Colorado. Back as a primary stop for the competition, Puerto Peñasco is on the map after a short hiatus. With loops being the theme this year, the town at the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez, centrally located in the Sonoran Desert, is an integral bivouac along the journey. But that’s not to say the other classic basecamps like Caborca and Puerto Libertad  will be any less crucial to quality, safety, and efficiency of the navigation.

Albeit chopped and screwed with fresh tracks and waypoints, this will be familiar territory for Sonora Rally veterans, the Nationals (USA, Mexico, and Canada) who have spent almost a decade exploring the multifaceted landscapes in this vast region of Mexico. The organizers are vehemently encouraging North American locals, who they know have made this race what it is today, to partake in the non-FIA/FIM National classifications. And continue to grow as racers with Sonora Rally as they grow as an official round of the World Rally-Raid Championship. And for those who want to capture these moments to share in the history books, the Media Registration is now open, and the website will soon provide a center for press materials, forms, and information. It's going to be a wild ride this April 2nd – 28th, and you won’t want to miss out!

To register for the 2023 Sonora Rally:  |  Media inquiries can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to be added to the press contact list for updates, news, and more.

To learn more, visit: or follow the fun on Instagram @sonorarally, @aventura.eventos and through hashtags #SonoraRally & #VisitSonora.


Source Sonora Rally / WestX1000

Coast 2 Coast 2023: Epic edition of the Coast 2 Coast 2023 cross-country rally.

*57 national and international pilots competed during five stages.

Patrick Reyes, race director of the Coast 2 Coast Cross Country Rally, described as a complete success the competition that during five stages gathered 57 national and international pilots, who traveled more than 1,600 kilometers through the states of Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca.

The rider also thanked the support of the authorities of the three states for the great event, which was attended by riders from the United States, Canada, Colombia, Spain and South Africa.

"We are very happy with how everything went, the feedback from the participants was very good, all the foreigners said that the race was epic. In the three states we had streets closed, police in cruisers, it was impressive all the support," said Reyes Morrison.

"It was a year of reactivation of our competition, since we haven't done it for four years. All the pilots praised the beauty of the route in which they enjoyed its geographic and climatic diversity. We had more than 500 thousand views of our videos on social networks. For us, this fifth edition was a success," said the executive.

Despite the success achieved, "Pato" Reyes pointed out that for next year's meeting, issues such as timing must be improved and that more internationally renowned riders will be invited.

"The most probable thing is that we will change some stages for next year, there are several municipalities that are already asking us to pass due to the spectacularity of the motorized units and the economic benefit that will be left in their communities", Patrick said,

"Unfortunately we had the death during the third stage of the competition of the motorcyclist from Tabasco, Jesús León. We recognize the work of our medical service that arrived in 10 minutes to the scene of the accident, when the standard in international competitions is 15 minutes. The consensus of 10 riders of his team was to finish the course in honor of him. These are situations that unfortunately can happen in this type of extreme competitions," said the race director.

Finally, the organizers thanked the commercial partners that have believed in the event such as Quaker State, RedBull, JEEP, GARMIN, BMW Motorrad and VRIMconnect and acknowledged that the support of the states of Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca, communities and towns through which the Coast 2 Coast rally passed, was fundamental to make this edition epic and unforgettable for all the competitors.

The winners of each category were:
Rally Pro: #7 Oswaldo Lara (BCN, Mexico) 5:27:48 h.
Rally 1: #37 Donhsie Nyguen (Thailand) 5:32:52 h
Maxi Rally: #73 Mauricio Varela (Mexico) 6:04:02 h
QUAD: #50 Sergio Padilla (Mexico) 16:03:06 h
UTV Pro: #107 Arturo Garza (Mexico) 6:33:29 h
UTV Stock: #102 Manolo de la Concha / Francisco Septién (Mexico) 12:16:45 h


Source Coast 2 Coast Rally / EPI Press

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Coast 2 Coast 2023: Stage Five - Freedom Is at the Finish

Racers Charged Every Last Kilometer of the 2023 Coast 2 Coast Rally 
There was a mad dash to the finish. It would be the very last they’d need to reach during the 2023 Coast 2 Coast. Timing & Scoring was so close they could smell it. Therefore, this was first real head-to-head they faced, and the last for that matter, since setting off from Veracruz on February 13th. The sun was brilliant by this time of day. Beach, sea, sky: all were the brightest versions of themselves – nearly one united color. These were also the hottest temps of the week at just under 90-degrees, soft sand being the true indicator. Waves here were heavy, which excavated the shore with every downbeat of the ocean’s infinite rhythm. A sinister, sharp right-angle carved into the ledge between pilots and the water was so well-blended into the horizon due to exposure to the 2pm light, several competitors came way too close to launching off it. Most avoided an incident, but a few weren’t so lucky, with one rider going head-over-tail when he slipped down the embankment. Another took a bath trying to keep himself from losing control of his bike. They had cued for an hour at DSS waiting for the official launch of the final special, so they were chomping at the bit, hungry for that last stretch of racecourse that promised them a full helping of speed, wind and ultimate glory. It’s on these last 27 kilometers, the challengers went full-send. Like stallions. released from an unwatched arena, these uninhibited plastic ponies rode like they were fighting for freedom. And the horseless carriages followed with a similar fervor. 
Maxi Rally and Rally Experience teams were some of the toughest boys out there. It already takes some courage to enter a rally-raid on a purpose-built vehicle, but to sign-up with machines that are arguably inefficient in this sport (or any?) requires a bit more than bravery. Maybe a few loose screws. Or something to prove. Perhaps they possess just a few more drops of masochism every rally racer needs to survive five-plus stages of punishment, especially on a motorbike sitting in the heavier weight classes. Of the ADV Experts, Vincent Ros (62) had the fastest time amongst his peers, winning the Rally Experience Category with flying colors. Mauricio Rivas (59) took the second step of the podium on his Aprilia Tuareg 660, a rare vessel even in this class. Juan Pablo Isaac Medina (57) was a contender for runner-up throughout the tournament, but eventually settled for Third after he was awarded a crushing penalty on Stage Four. Like the Rally Experience class, Maxi Rally saw about a 50% attrition rate. Come Friday only three were left: Mauricio Varela (73) in the Winner’s Circle, Leonardo Padilla (71) right after him, and Javier Garza. Bolado (70) to round out the numbers. 
Some folks just don’t know how to reel it back. And while racing at a 110% can be a benefit in certain moments of the competition, going one-hundred-percent, one-hundred-percent of the time is a risky play. We’ve already seen what great consequences the athletes can suffer in a low-danger zone. Races are already a matter of chance, and understanding when and when not to push those limits with a bit of daring is what makes for a lengthy career in rally. Of the rookies, Dohnsie Nyguen (37) was all heart, which is what put him on the Top Step in Rally 1 by Day Five. But he had a bit more of the reckless abandon as well, crashing (albeit not seriously) in every stage. His “war wounds” were evidence of his gumption. Mario Mendoza (28) wasn’t all that much slow – a perfect adversary to rival a rider like Nyguen. 
“Stage Four was awesome. It was very fast with very beautiful landscape. And I’m just happy to make it to the Pacific side. But today [Stage Five], there was a rocky section going downhill during the liaison. It was really tricky, and I earned myself another ‘trophy’ here [displays road rash on forearm]. The Special was a lot of speed, which was a really great way to finish.”Dohnsie Nyguen #37, Rally 1, Privateer
SS4 seemed like tables were turning for Mendoza when he took the round, but his stats didn’t add up to victory this year. One of the younger pilots of the bunch, Nicolas Franco (29), made a short detour from enduro to rally-raid – on a two-stroke no less! The Husqvarna TE 300 might not have mastered the taller dunes, but it sailed across the other terra-challenges with relative ease, placing him 36 minutes behind bike #28. The ATV class was another matter. If it weren’t for an unfortunate mishap, resulting in a DNF, Mauricio Segura (51) might have found himself with a trophy to take home. He put in great times the remaining race, despite a lot of push back from the Quad King, Sergio Padilla (50). But as roadbook rallies go, you can lose it all on Day One. It’s just great to see him carry on and make Padilla fight for his crown. Because there’s just no fun in an unopposed campaign, right? 
“I was super happy with today. It was phenomenal. The landscape was beautiful, and the competitors were very fast during the race, especially at today’s special. Everything they [the organization] introduced us to was truly incredible.”Mauricio Segura #51, ATV Pro, Surestazo
Rally Pros had a slim margin for failure. This whole group was made up of fast guys, so it’s safe to say the leaders were the more talented navigators. Even so, a smattering of penalties kept riders who were talented at both bogged down by extra time. Bikes at the top one day were damn near the bottom the next. The ones who didn’t fluctuate so drastically were the champions amongst the professionals. Differences between the first four seats were by mere minutes. Mauricio Santana (5) appeared to be in real contention, pulling some of the quicker times on-course. But consistency, and perhaps sheer determination, gave South Africa’s Willem Avenant (12) and Oswaldo Lara (7) from Punta Colonet, B.C., the upper hand, placing them One and Two ahead of Santana. Avenant was a favorite to win, having some of the most well-rounded experience in the lineup, but the fierce competition around him, rather than his performance, likely obstructed his preferred results. Strawberry farmer in small-town Baja, Lara was a surprise to those who weren’t familiar with him or his prowess on a moto. His wife and daughter congratulated his success under the Red Bull arch at playa de Zicatela, maybe still unaware of his accomplishment at that point.
“Today was great. It was really, really fast which started with a very long liaison down a bunch of mountains. Pato [Race Director, Patrick Reyes] called it 1,500 turns, and it was. We turned the whole day downhill over rocks, then went up the mountain again. In the end, we had a flat out [high-speed] Special down at the beach, which was amazing! It was like a row-start Dakar – just flat-out as fast as the bikes could go with a few dips and bumps which were a bit dangerous. But everybody had fun, and it was a mind-blowing day of full-speed racing all along the beach. Absolutely amazing.”Willem Avenant #12, Rally Pro, Freedom Rally Racing
The side-by-sides had their fair share of drama this Coast 2 Coast. Roll-overs, mechanical issues, and troubles in the silt. Even at the very last special, Angel Perez (103) managed to bend a control arm in the final stretches. But that didn’t deter him one bit as he and his co-pilot, Kyber, pulled into parc fermé with big smiles on their faces (limping only a little). Although, finishing First in the UTV Stock class might have had something to do with it… Behind the men were cars #102, captained by Manuel “Manolo” Delaconcha, and #100, with Jose Martin Diaz Gonzalez at the wheel. With Speed Zones ever present, the SSVs of both categories caravanned down the steep, curvy mountain range they’d ascended the stage before. If you followed their tracks on Google Maps, you might think you were viewing the records of an electrocardiogram (EKG) by mistake. The lines were all over the place, up and down, in short bursts and in large. A dizzying descent during the Liaison from San José del Pacifíco – reaching upwards of 3,000 meters (or 9,842 feet) at times then dropping drastically – was such a contrast from the wide, straight, swift trajectory of the 10 “clicks” of the Special that it’s no wonder the racers went wild at the sight of the finish line. Both Unlimited UTVs drove fairly separated from each other most of the event. They mixed with the Stock class on course, and while there was a bit of gap between them, they also both finished with points. Something that counts for a lot in a sport meant to break you. But only one can be triumphant. And that someone was Arturo Garza (107), while Juan Manuel Vasquez (105) took the next respectable step.
Reportedly, one of the more popular routes, SS5 gave the participants a little bit of everything. Under the dark, cool canopies of the rainforest, they brushed against helechos, healthy ancient ferns unbothered and thriving in the woodlands. A dense fog sat at a certain elevation almost indefinitely so travelers can watch everything ahead of them disappear into the grey. Air was cool for a while, but there was a distinct change from one climate of biosphere to the next signaling the arrival to the jungle. Humidity built up around you with every meter you traveled closer to the Pacific. Pines and ferns became vines, fruits, and florals along the path. Then the blanket of warmth became a more unbearable heat, and you knew you were at sea-level. That was the start of the final timed section, cued up at Timing & Scoring, waiting for the prerequisite signal. It was the moment where those heavy weights of competition were blown off their shoulders in this hasty sprint. Here, they were stallions or carriages free of masters and rules and burdens. And only after the proverbial checkered flag waved would the Coast 2 Coast Rally award them their glory and a celebration.  
To learn more about the Coast2Coast Rally:
coast2coast 21 2 w 1
Ø San José del Pacifíco > Pueblo Escondido – 170 km; Liaison > 153 km & Special > 17 km
Terrain: Jungle High Sierra  Jungle  Coastal
** Rainforest = pine trees, compact dirt, colder
** Jungle = colder, foggy in the mornings, jungle
** Coastal Beach = Soft sand
Ø Oaxaca, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca, is one of the thirty-one states that, together with Mexico City, form the United Mexican States. Its capital and most populous city are Oaxaca de Juárez. It is divided into 570 municipalities, 418 of which are governed under the system of uses and customs, with recognized local forms of self-government. It is in the southwestern region of the country. It limits to the north with Puebla and Veracruz, to the east with Chiapas, to the south with the Pacific Ocean and to the west with Guerrero. With 93,757 km², it is the fifth largest state — behind Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, and Durango — and, with 3,967,889 inhabitants in 2015, the tenth most populous. It was founded on December 21, 1823. The state is known primarily for its indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples, represented by more than 16 ethnic groups, with the Zapotec and Mixtec being the most represented. These cultures have survived and maintained their uses and customs with greater success than the rest of the national territory, thanks to the rugged and isolated territory of the state. 10 Most of these groups inhabit the central area of the state, whose cultural wealth, which includes archaeological sites such as Monte Albán and Mitla, make it an important tourist area.
Ø Just a bit south of Puerto Escondido is Playa Bacocho, an important turtle-nesting site that’s known for its sunset panoramas. Only several years ago, this place was a virtual unknown to tourists. Now it’s such a popular destination that measurements have been put into place to keep the crowds a bit further back, respecting the natural cycles of the turtles. Here, there were thousands of eggs laid in the sand awaiting their inhabitants’ grand entrances. Before the beach earned international attention, lucky visitors could witness hundreds, if not more, of hatchlings spring to life – if you time it right, of course – and make their arduous voyage to the sea. Many dangers can occur along this journey, predators notwithstanding, and so local volunteers will now scoop up some of these eggs when they are freshly laid to put them into temperature-controlled incubators until they are ready to be released for this pilgrimage. It’s hotly debated whether or not this is ethical or appropriate, but the groups argue that without their interference, many of these eggs wouldn’t see through the end of gestation.  
Ø Puerto Escondido is a port town and resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. It’s known for its many beaches and buzzing nightlife. The town’s central Principal Beach is lined with palm trees and thatch-roofed bars. Busy Zicatela Beach is renowned for its Mexican Pipeline surf break. Neighboring La Punta Beach has smaller waves. Carrizalillo Beach is set in a cove backed by steep cliffs. 
Top Five Overall Results
All results are unofficial. Please see event website for the most current standings.
1. #7 Oswaldo Lara – 05:27:48
2. #12 Willem Avenant – 05:30:28
3. #53 Mauricio Santana Torres – 05:32:10 
4. #3 Fernando Pasquel – 05:38:56 
5. #13 Sergio Lopez Jaimes – 05:45:53 
1. #37 Dohnsie Nyguen – 05:32:52 
2. #28 Mario Mendoza – 06:01:02
3. #29 Nicolas Franco – 06:37:21
4. #27 Ladislao Hernandez Aresti – 08:03:15 
5. #24 Dane Stanton – 09:10:29
1. #62 Vincent Ros – 07:53:49
2. #59 Mauricio Reyes Rivas – 25:14:54
3. #57 Juan Pablo Isaac Medina – 30:29:16 
4. #55 Edwin Cervera – 38:34:10 
1. #50 Sergio Padilla – 16:03:06 
1. #107 Arturo Garza – 06:33:29 
2. #105 Juan Manuel Vasquez – 14:57:11 
1. #103 Angel Martin Perez – 06:40:53 
2. #102 Manuel “Manolo” Delaoncha – 12:16:45
3. #100 Jose Martin Diaz Gonzalez – 14:08:32
4. #101 Juan Carlos Lorenzo Diaz Gonzalez – 20:24:08
1. #73 Mauricio Varela – 06:04:02
2. #71 Leonardo Padilla – 11:38:53
3. #70 Javier Garza Bolado – 12:01:14
Source WestX1000

Coast 2 Coast 2023: Oswaldo Lara winner of the Coast 2 Coast Rally in Puerto Escondido

The Coast 2 Coast has been completed on the beaches of Puerto Escondido after covering more than 1600 km. We have seen many pilots challenge this closing stage from San Jose to Puerto Escondido by descending from 3000 meters above sea level to 10 meters above sea level to receive the checkered flag and their finisher's medal.

The Quaker State Stage 5 was relatively a protocol, with very long links and a very short special stage, which was to close with a flourish their participation in the rally. The beach was witness of timed sections, the Oaxaca de San Jose mountain range sent them from a high altitude, forests, semi-desert roads, wetlands and a lot of closed circuit that was part of this "racing madness". Seeing the beach for many was a total comfort, but the very long link was a headache.

Leaving an enchanted mountain range of magic, natural environmental sounds, wooded roads, rivers and places that only our Mexico gives us and is wonderful, also enter the beach of Puerto Escondido is and will be a dream for the few who made it. Running along 17 km by the sea is an incomparable sensation. The cultures, people and villages are unique as they encouraged us every day to finish. The Coast 2 Coast has taken us to places in Mexico full of our culture and that only in this event you can live them, thanks for everything and for being part of this 2023 edition. 

The Baja Californian winner of the Rally Pro category, Oswaldo Lara, said "we have collected thousands of daily experiences, but in the end it is simply joy. I had a great time and I'm happy to be at the finish line, I never thought my family would be with me. I thank God for letting me finish this rally. We went to the sky to thank Chucho for having us in this sport and for following us. It's the best event I've ever raced, I'm ready for the RC2C 2024, thanks to Romina and Patrick for everything and their great work team".

On Friday night, more than 200 people participated and witnessed the recognition of the winners of this 5th edition of the Coast 2 Coast Rally, where 60 pilots started and only 34 finished, more than 50% of the participants that started - which is a good number for a rally raid with these characteristics.

The unofficial results of the Coast 2 Coast Rally 2023 were:

Categoría Rally Pro:

1º #7 Oswaldo Lara (BCN, México) 5:27:48 h

2º #12 Willem Avenant (Sudáfrica) 5:30:28 h

3º #5 Mauricio Santana (México) 5:32:10 h


Categoría Rally l

1º #37 Donhsie Nyguen (Tailandia) 5:32:52 h

2º #28 Mario Mendoza (México) 6:01:02 h

3o #29 Nicolás Franco (México) 6:37:21 h


Categoría Maxi Rally.

1º #71 Mauricio Varela (México) 6:04:02 h

2º #71 Leonardo Padilla (México) 11:38:53 h

3º #70 Javier Bolado (México) 12:01:14 h


Categoría QUAD.

1º #50 Sergio Padilla (México) 16:03:06 h

2º #51 Mauricio Segura (México) DNF.


Categoría UTV Pro

1º #107 Arturo Garza (México) 6:33:29 h

2º #105 Juan Vázquez (México) 14:57:11 h


Categoría UTV Stock

1º #103 Ángel Pérez (México) 6:40:53 h

2º #102 Manolo de la Concha (México) 12:16:45 h

3º #100 Juan Díaz (México) 14:08:32 h


Categoría Rally Experience

1º #62 Vicente Ros (México) 7:53:49 h

2º #59 Mauricio Reyes (México) 25:14:54 h

3º #57 Juan Medina de (México) 30:29:16 h


Automatic translation from the original Spanish version
Source: EPI Press  / Coast 2 Coast