SARR 2023: After three days, Rodrigo/Roldan maintain dominance in Argentina

SARR 2023: After three days, Rodrigo/Roldan maintain dominance in Argentina

Leading since the start of the South America Rally Race, the duo opens advantage over runners-up

The duo formed by Brazilians Rodrigo Varela and Lourival Roldan continues to lead the UTV category in the South America Rally Race, a nine-day race held in Argentina, in the same regions where the Dakar Rally was held until 2019.
After three days and 1,334km of race, the duo from the Can-Am Monster Energy team has accumulated a 17min34s advantage over the second-placed, also Brazilian Pedro MacDowell/Enio Bozzano Júnior. Facing problems since the beginning of the race, three-time world champion Reinaldo Varela, Rodrigo's father, and Argentinean navigator Fernando Imperatrice are in 10th place in the general classification.
So far, Rodrigo/Roldan have accumulated one victory, one fourth and one sixth place in the three days of competition. The race will be around 4,200 km long, passing through three provinces, equivalent to the states in Brazil: Catamarca, Santiago del Estero and La Rioja. The SARR takes place from February 14 to 25, with a rest day (February 21).

Overall result after three stages:
1. Rodrigo Varela/Lourival Roldan (Brasil), tempo de 19h37min01s para 1.334km
2. Pedro MacDowell/Enio Bozzano Júnior (Brasil), a 17min34s
3. Maxwell Fernadez/Gustavo Bortolanza (Brasil), a 33min06s
4. Juan Carlos Araya/Victor Silva (Chile), a 37min22s
5. Alfredo Olmedo/Daniel Lopez (Argentina), a 37min31s
6. Andrea Lafarja/Lisandro Sisterna (Paraguai), a 41min50s


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