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Brazil has one of the most demanding seasons from the world, if not the most demanding with 13 races in total.  And from these 13, one is the outsanding Rally dos Sertões, a week long race.

Two different competitions are held in Brasil, the Rally Baja Championship and the Cross-Country Rally Championship.  While the terrain and type of tracks is similar, the main differences are the lenght of the stages (shorter in Baja, and longer than 200km in rally), the event duration (again shorter in Baja and longer in Rally) and on the navigation - In Baja the road is marked, and in Rally there are no signs and the racers must use a roadbook.

The races are open to all kinds of vehicles: Motorbikes, Quads, SxS, Cars and Trucks (not all events).
These championships are included in CBA - Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo  (Cars) and CBM - Confederação Brasileira de Motociclismo (Motorbikes)


  • 16/17 March – RALLY MINAS BRASIL
  • 4/5 May – RALLY CUESTA
  • 22/23 June –  RALLY DA PEIRA
  • 20/21 July – RALLY DE INVERNO
  • 21/22 September – ROTA SC
  • 12/13 October – RALLY SERRA AZUL
  • 9/10 November – RALLY ROTA SUDESTE
  • 7/8 December – RALLY DOS AMIGOS


  • 6/7 April – RN 1500
  • 8/9 June – RALLY JALAPÃO
  • 24 August to 1 September – RALLY DOS SERTÕES
The Sertões Rally has the particularity of counting as 2 separated races, allowing to participants to score points twice. The first "race" is held on the 24th and 25th of August. While the rally continues, the participants will have a second chance to score points for the championship on the final days of the race, at 31 of August and 1 of September.  
  • 26/27 October – RALLY ROTA SUL

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