The CaNav Rally Raid 2017 championship is a competition held in Argentina and Chile, and it is made by a maximum of 6 races.
The be classified in this championship, it is necessary for any team to enter at least in 50% of the races that make the season.
The championship should have a maximum of 6 races and a minimum of 4, all of them allowing the teams to score points for the general classification.
In this championship the teams are split bettwen navigation and rally-raid.

Rally-Raid Category

Events are open to vehicles of a maximum gross weight of up to 3500kg for Groups T1, T2, and T3. The vehicles shall be split up into the following categories:
T-1 - Vehícles 4x4 - 4x2 petrol or diesel prototype.
T-2 - Production diesel vehicles
T-3 - SSV - (UTV)        

Date Race Location
March 23rd to 25th 2nd Rally de Avelar General Alvear - Mendoza
May 5th to 7th 6th Rally Aventura de San Luis Villa Mercedes - San Luis
June 22nd to 24th 3rd Rally de Tucuman Trancas – Tucuman
August 17th to 20th To be announced Fiambala - Tinogasta - Catamarca
October 5th to 7th To be announced To be announced
November 22nd to 25th To be announced San Juan

Oficial document page with the classifications of CaNav for the Rally-Raid category:


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