Taklimakan Rally 2019: Christian Lavieille / Jean-Pierre Garcin (Baic) and Armand Moleon (KTM) overall winners
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Liu Yangui is gettinc closer (in cars), Moleon has been so close to win (in motorbikes)
Silk Way Rally 2017: A unique journey, an exceptional adventure
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Lavieille and Monleon - The untouchables!
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Christian Lavieille and Jean-Pierre Garcin (BAIC) keep their momentum going
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Lavieille and Monleón in good shape after the rest day
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Taklamankan desert was unforgiving
Taklimakan Rally 2019: >i Yungang reveals himself, Monleón carries on!
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Lavieille et Monleón confirm!
Taklimakan Rally 2019: Lavieille and Monleón leaders of the rally
Taklimankan Rally 2019: Race started today!
Taklimankan Rally 2019: 5000 kilometers across Xinjiang province
Silk Way Rally 2019: SWR 2019 presented in Beijing
Silk Way Rally 2019: Six motorbike official teams at the Silk Way Rally 2019
Silk Way Rally 2019: Republic of Buryatia hosts Silk Way Rally for the first time
The Taklimakan Rally 2019: Returns to Southern Xinjiang Hotan
Silk Way Rally 2019: Mongolia in the hearth of the rally
Silk Way Rally 2019: Organisers offer different options for transportation
Silk Way Rally 2019: Silk Way Rally is part of the FIM Cross-Country Rally Championship
Silk Way Rally 2019: Affordable entry fees

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