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At Fedima we increase the lifecycle of products that otherwise would be polluting waste.
Daily, and since 1969, we believe that respecting the environment, offering a product that is the result of a careful manufacturing process, with the best cost/benefit for the consumer, is the best practice for our company and global society.

FEDIMA carries on its business since 1969. It is one of the big players in retread tyre sector in Europe.
With 95 employees and with a daily production around 800 tyres, FEDIMA as the the world's most varied production, focusing heavily on constant product innovation.
Internationalization process started 10 years ago, resulting in a percentage of exported product in the range of 55% of the total volume, to a universe of 30 countries.
The company registered in 1990 two brands for the integral ranges, FEDIMA, for tourism, competition, 4 x 4, light-truck, truck, and for the range of CAFEMA, agriculture.
In 1998 were carried out works to increase the manufacturing area to 15000m2.
Our company is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2000 under the Portuguese System of Quality since 2000.
Our products are approved since April 2002 according to regulations 108 and 109 of the UN/ECE.
A rigorous production process and constant investment in technology, determine the quality of our final product, ensuring the consumer has the best reliable product.

The environmental factor and the sustainability of products in companies are increasingly important.
The use of rebuilt tires means creating new values.
Rebuilt tires production allows a substantial cost reduction and resource utilization for a new tire. The major players in the sector of tyres currently develop and invest their own brands of tires retreads. Example Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, among others.
The process of reconstruction of tires is environmentally friendly and is considered a good practice in terms of reuse of tires that would otherwise be waste pollutant.
Increases tire life cycle.
Balances the consumption of natural resources used in the manufacture of new tyres, such as oil, natural rubber, carbon black, as well as high levels of energy involved in this process.
Ensures a significant reduction in tire disposal used in the environment.

Fedima produces a very wide range or products, either for normal road use or for competition.  Following the market tendencies, Fedima offers their clients affordable, relliable and eco-friendly solutions.

To know more about Fedima Products please visit: http://www.fedimatyres.com/en/home

Fedima has a very wide network of distribuitors around the world.  You can find our local dealer here:


Ponte D. Elias – Apartado 35

Phone: (+351) 262 590 382
Paulo Baptista
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Nelson Rolo
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Phone: (+351) 262 590 380
Fax: (+351) 262 590 381
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Paulo Alexandre
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Carlos Trindade
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Theia Transparency is a new, innovative company whose staff have over 20 years experience in the plastics industry and especially in motorsport.

Professional or enthusiast, race or rally, at Theia Transparency we can manufacture polycarbonate windows and windscreens for your vehicles no matter how unique.  Whether it’s OFF ROAD, CIRCUIT , DIRT or DRAG racing.

We can also provide bespoke polycarbonate transparencies from ‘one-off’ special products to high volume requirements, being able to switch from concept to production, using state of the art machines from CNC Routers to FaroArm scanning.

Besides motorsport, we can provide polycarbonate windows and safety glazing for commercial vehicles, boats and safety glazing for architectural structures.

Advising and supporting our customers is part of our business, our aim is to provide high levels of confidence, quality, and reliability.

We also provide a consultancy and research service for customer’s projects.

We are working closely with Universities in the UK and overseas.

Theia Transparency,


+44 1942 665202

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Reiger Suspension is an independent organization with an international reputation in the development and production of shock absorbers. Their specialty is the development of shock absorbers to be used under extreme conditions in auto- and motorsports. They have their own vision on the features that make each Reiger shock absorber distinctive. Each customer receives a personal consultation to make sure everyone gets exactly what he needs. The goal is to imporve the communication of the driver or rider with your vehicle.
Reiger Suspension shock absorbers for all classes in auto- and motorsport. Their products are known for quality, reliability and lifespan. Continuous development is one of the greatest strengths of Reiger Suspension. 

Every damper is developed, produced and assembled here in Reiger Suspension own factory in Hengelo. This makes it possible to be very flexible and produce prototypes sometimes within a day. It is no coincidence that major factory teams choose Reiger Suspension dampers. With over 50 employees, Reiger Suspension works hard every day to get you the best dampers.

Rally raid and cross-country rallies is the toughest of all tests for the reliability of the material, especially the dampers.
Reiger dampers are used in many races and by many drivers, and many of those drivers are quite famous and sucessfull like Nasser Al-Attiyah and Nani Roma.
Reiger dampers absorb the big jumps just as easy as the small bumps, at high and low speed. We have decades of experience to help the manufacturers with the development from the entire car and geometry.

In the motorbikes, Reiger also produces top products, chosen by many riders. It's important to have more control over vehicle and have more communicate with  bike.
Reiger Suspension BV produces shock absorbers and front forks that perfectly suit the rider's preferences. Their goal is to  give more traction, more stability, more comfort.
Reiger Suspension BV has been innovating every day over the past decades to be able to deliver the best products. 

Reiger Suspension BV
Molenenk 5a
7255 AX Hengelo Gld
The Netherlands

internet: http://www.http://reigersuspension.com  
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: +31 (0)575 46 20 77
Fax: +31 (0)575 46 33 1



SADEV is a French based company who is specialized in producing high quality racing gearboxes and other transmission components.

SADEV was born in 1974 from a passion of engineering and motorsport by Mr Vincendeau. At the beginning of the 1980’s Mr Vincendeau began to design and manufacture gearboxes for motorsport applications. Shortly after the vehicles fitted with these gearboxes began to win meetings, events and even championships from various off road events.
A highly skilled team of professionals developed allowing the company to specialize in workshop gear cutting. SADEV then earned their first contract to provide gearboxes for a large car manufacturer.
In 2000 SADEV increased it’s manufacturing capacities with a 3000 square meters Company is now able to answer to S1600 Rally category requirements.
In 2001 SADEV received the rights to supply the S1600 Rally championship followed 3 years later by the rights to supply the FIA S2000 Rally championship with transmissions, this was a huge achievement for the company and something that they are still very proud of today.
2011 was a year for celebration in the SADEV camp. Sealing a deal to supply in to the World Rally Championship
SADEV is well known for its motorsport applicable gearboxes and now has a vast variety available to be used in many different applications. SADEV’ variety of gearboxes can be found in such applications like tarmac circuit racing to full off road rally raid, Ice racing to 24hr endurance events. 

From its birth SADEV has always had a good balance of skilled workers and premium technology. SADEV has always strived to reach the highest level of precision, technology and care into every product they produce. Every day the employees of SADEV aim to reduce time scales and keep everything running smoothly.
SADEV is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop the company in all areas and when the opportunity of a partnership with Moulin Foundry came up the chance was taken. This has allowed SADEV to enlarge the design and castings sector of the business.
SADEV strives to expand each and every department, whether it be to increase production, reduce lead time or increase quality. With this in mind SADEV invested in some high performance spiro conical gear cutting equipment whilst also adding a heat treatment process to these increasing quality and product life.
One of the latest editions to the SADEV manufacturing department is a vacuum-packed electron beam welder. This machine offers a new area for SADEV to work in but also produces very visibly pleasing products.


Sadev is most know by their gearboxes, but they have a wide range of products for the transmission of your race race. 
Please follow the next link to visit the product page on Sadev's website

Please follow the next link to visit Sadev's page about their distribuitors

6 rue Grand’Montains
CS80001 85111 Saint-Prouant CEDEX

T +33 (0)2 51 66 42 68 
F +33 (0)2 51 66 49 60

Internet: http://www.sadev-tm.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SADEV-Racing-Transmission-Official-264645423718532/?fref=ts

Information avaiable at 10/May/2017


Founded in 94 by Pierre de Frenne, the company DONERRE moved its headquarters in 1995 to the area of Montauban, in the south of France.
In 2004 a new opportunity arose. The company moved a few kilometres, transferring its headquarters to a beautifully renovated ancient paper mill.
In 2008 Donerre became an importer for| WP products. The company has been exclusively involved in racing products. 
Donerre is positioned in a field where high technology and reliability are keywords. These criteria are achieved by the application of quality control through every step of the engineering and production processes. Donerre has an experience of over 40 millions racing kilometres.

Donerre only offers products of high quality. In order to achieve that goal, Donerre is manufacturing in-house the majority of the components used in their dampers.
The intricate assembly phase is exclusively done in-house and each damper is then systematically tested on their test bed. 
Each Donerre damper has been constantly individually checked and evaluated throughout the production process. Each damper has a unique serial number enabling the company to track it throughout the entire production process. 
The strength of Donerre is a close relationship between the design office, its customers and its crew on racing as often as possible.
The palmares obtained by Donerre in all categories of races where Donerre dampers are used speak for themselves. They confirm the fact that these are top quality products, which are used for references in many series. 
Donerre dampers are renown for their exceptional reliability. Donerre dampers are the only ones to have won the Dakar rally, using only 1 set of dampers from the start until the end, with no work required on them throughout the entire race.


Product page (press this link

Donerre Amortisseur (head office)
21, rue de l’usine 
82700 Montech 

internet: http://www.donerre.fr

Contacts and representatives around the world - Press this link

Tel: +33 (0)5 63 02 18 54 
Fax: +33 (0)5 63 02 18 13 








Founded in 1967, COTESI is today a world player in distribution and supply channels, with strong units in Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France), North America (U.S.A and Canada) and South America (Brazil).

As part of one of Portugal’s biggest economic group, Violas SGPS, COTESI excels for the constant monitoring of technological innovation and evolution of market needs. With a complete range rope and taking advantage from the experience and know how acquired, COTESI presents the Winch Rope and becomes the only one company producing 4x4 towing ropes in Portugal.

Cotesi Winch ropes are the ultimate technology in synthetic ropes for 4x4 off road winches. Made from HMWPE fibres and protected by a self-unique Pro-Tech impregnation that improves its overall performance, Cotesi Winch ropes have about 1/7 of steel wire rope weight for same breaking strength, thus, must be considered when high breaking strengths and low weight are required.

Winch Rope by Cotesi is available is several diameters and lengths. 

Address: Av. Do Mosteiro, 486
4415-493 Grijó 

Phone: (+351) 227 476 500
Fax: (+351) 227 646 575

E-mail adress:  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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