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Founded in 1967, COTESI is today a world player in distribution and supply channels, with strong units in Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France), North America (U.S.A and Canada) and South America (Brazil).

As part of one of Portugal’s biggest economic group, Violas SGPS, COTESI excels for the constant monitoring of technological innovation and evolution of market needs. With a complete range rope and taking advantage from the experience and know how acquired, COTESI presents the Winch Rope and becomes the only one company producing 4x4 towing ropes in Portugal.

Cotesi Winch ropes are the ultimate technology in synthetic ropes for 4x4 off road winches. Made from HMWPE fibres and protected by a self-unique Pro-Tech impregnation that improves its overall performance, Cotesi Winch ropes have about 1/7 of steel wire rope weight for same breaking strength, thus, must be considered when high breaking strengths and low weight are required.

Winch Rope by Cotesi is available is several diameters and lengths. 

Address: Av. Do Mosteiro, 486
4415-493 Grijó 

Phone: (+351) 227 476 500
Fax: (+351) 227 646 575

E-mail adress:  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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