A Cross-Country Rally is a sporting event which the itinerary covers the territory of one or several countries. There are three types of Cross-Country event : Cross-Country Rally, Cross-Country Marathon Rally (Marathon) and Cross-Country Baja (Baja).

A Cross-Country Rally is an event with a total distance between 1200 and 3000km. The total distance for the selective sections must be at least 1200km. The event must tast no more than 8 days (including scrutineering and Super special stage).

Events are open to vehicles of a maximum gross weight of up to 3500kg for Groups T1, T2, and T3, and greater than 3500kg for Group T4, in due possession of a registration certificate. The vehicles shall be split up into the following categories:
  • Group T1 : Prototypes Cross-Country Vehicles - The organiser must provide for a two-wheel drive category within Group T1.
  • Group T2 : Series Production Cross-Country Vehicles - Vehicles homologated in the Cross-country Group. 
  • Group T3 : Improved Cross-Country Vehicles - Lightweight.
  • Group T4 : Series Cross-Country Trucks (at the organisers' discretion except for Bajas). - There are two cylinder classes: Class 1 for trucks fitted with an engine with a nominal cylinder capacity of 10 000 cc or over. Class 2 for trucks fitted with an engine with a nomial cylinder capacity of less than 10 000cc.  There will be a separate classification for T4 trucks.
The FIA organises the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies which includes the following awards:
World Cups for Drivers, for Co-Drivers and for Teams.
FIA cups for T2 Drivers and for T2 Teams.
FIA cups for T3 Drivers and T3 Teams.
The calendar for the 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies was confirmed:
Dates Country Race
16-18 February Russia Baja Russia-Northern Forest
10-11 March Abu Dhabi Dubai International Baja
24-29 March or 1-6 April* Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
17-22 April* Qatar Qatar Cross Country Rally
27 May – 2 June Kazakhstan Rally Kazakhstan
21-24 June Italy Italian Baja
20-22 July Spain Baja España Aragόn Teruel
9-12 August Hungary Hungarian Baja
30 August – 2 September Poland Baja Poland
7-13 October Morocco Rallye Oilibya du Maroc
25-27 October Portugal Baja Portalegre 500