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Do you want to add, correct or remove information about your team, organization or company from your directory?
That's very simple, and here is how:

Adding information:
If you want to add information to one existent or non-existent team/organization/company just send us a presentation written in english for us to publish.  Important details are a description of the team, organization or company, their service or their products, whatever is the case.
You must add the full list of contacts, incluiding the mail adress, the e-mail adress and phone number.  You can also add the facebook page link, twitter link or other.
You must send us one logo, with at least 600px wide.
You should send some photos, until a maximum of 5. The maximum size of pictures we publish is 1440 px wide, but you can send them bigger. This is useffull for editing.
Your article page will be lined up in our normal sequence, without previleges. This means that your article will be followed by others in the main page and category page, and at some point, it will not be visible at 1st click\page view, but down inside the directory and the visitor will have to use the navigation tools. 
Until this point, the adding your team, company or organization to our listing is completly free.
Please allow us until 15 working days to publish the article.

There are some "premium" options avaiable.  You can have your logo allways visible on the home page of our site paying a monthly fee.  
You can also upgrade your presentation with more photos or one image gallery on the article, add videos,  or other avaiable options, at a cost.
The Premium option just takes 3 working days to be published and avaiable to the visitors
If you want to want to take advantage of the premium options, please contact us via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail adress.

Corrections, modifications or updates:
This is exactly the same has the 1st option, with just one different point.  The article allready exists.  You only need to send us one newer or updated version of the presentation text written in english.  You can also send us new photos or new logos to update the articles.
Please allow us 15 working days to correct the article (free). The Premium options can take until 3 working days.

Removing one team, organization or company from our listing.
We regret that you have decided to not be part of our project, but we respect your decision.  To avoid mistakes, errors or some people using falses identities, send us one e-mail signed, where you must add your complete identification, or the identification of the person responsable for this e-mail (name, phone number, e-mail adress, and position inside the team, company or organization).
You just need to write us:  I, (name of the person), representing the (team, organization or company) want the removal of the article about the (team, organization or company) from your Directory (listing)
Please allow us 10 working days to comply.
Please notice that this has no effect on the articles published under the section news or in the blog of the site.

The e-mail adress you should use is the same for all these situations except premiums,  and it this one:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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