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This weekend, the small and most of the time calm village of Fontaine-Fourches in France will be invaded by a horde of racers taking part in the 24 hour cross-country rally event '24H Tout Terrain de France'. The event, taking place on 9-10 Sepetmber, celebrates its 25th aniversary this year.  The race itself will start at 15h00 on Saturday,  with 69 teams at the starting line.

Some numbers about the 2017 edition:
  • 69 vehicles at the start: 45 buggies, 16 4x4 vehicles and 8 SSVs
  • 244 drivers (7 teams with 5 drivers, 30 teams with 4 and 32 teams with 3)
  • 7 vehicles and 30 drivers more than in last year's edition
  • 2 foreign teams: #26 from Poland and #5 from Latvia
  • 1 Team 100% female #29
  • Martin Brochard (team #25): The youngest driver of the race with just 16 years of age.
  • The winner of the 2016 edition tries to defend his title: Team Andrade Compétition n°22 (Alexandre and Mario Andrade, Stéphane Duplé, Yann-Loïc and Thomas Morize)
  • Yves Tartarin (n°3) and Mario Guglielminetti (n°8) : they are the only drivers that had participated in all editions of the event since its creation back in 1993. 

SSV: Double world champion Cyril Despres will make part of the Yamaha offensive!

8 SSVs participate in the race and face the car category. Small, but fast and reliable, they have nothing to fear from the and we can just look to their cllassification in 2016 to find proof of how good they are: last year SSVs finished in 8th and 9th position overall.
At the starting line we will find just one RZR Polaris against 7 Yamaha 1000 R, one of them (the one from Yamaha France) with Cyril Despres on board.  Very well known worldwide by his numerous achievents in rally-raid, including 5 Dakar rally wins, Cyril is also making his name in the car category now, being official driver of Team Peugeot.  Despres will share his Yamaha #9 with Jérémie Warnia, a very well known quad rider with also numerous great results under his belt in several major events.  Vincent Thommeret, John Maillon and Alexandre Kowalski complete the team alignment.

The 25th hour of race to celebrate the 25th race edition.

The organizer of the event found an interesting way to celebrate the 25th edition of the race. As an exception, this year the race will be 25 hours long instead of the regular 24, putting the finish line 60 minutes more distant to reach for the drivers.

The race circuit: an unknown race track in a known terrain.

After 21 editions raced at Chevannes en Essonne, the race moved to the area of Seine et Marne more precisely to the village Fontaine-Fourches, home of the 24H Tout Terrain de France since last year.  Last year's move meant that the racers faced a completely new circuit, full of unknown challenges. In this years edition, the place will be the same, the terrain also the same, but the race track was completely re-designed, bringing once more the racers to race that we can consider completely new. In the "menu" the organizers included many new "closed" turns, some high speed curves and some straight lines to increase the speed of the cars.  Altogether, the circuit is 7.4 km, and more than 95% of it is visible from the paddock area.

Source: 24H Tout Terrain de France

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