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With the beginning of the Super SSV Trophy 2018 fast approaching, entries are now open for the 1st race of the race of the season, which will take place in Fronteira, Portugal at the 25th of February
In the last days the promoter of the Trophy and the FMP-Federação de Motociclismo de Portugal finalized all the regulations, allowing the participants to learn all the rules of this new racing format.
In very simple terms, the Super SSV Trophy 2018 will be made by 4 events during the year (February, June, November and December), and in each event there will be 1 endurance race with 2 hours long, raced in a gravel circuit that can have up to 20 km long.
In official website - www.superssv.com - the participants, media, partners and public can find all the documents, information and news about this new exciting trophy.
Also in the official website, the participants can find the entry form, only available on-line, which they should fulfil to take part in the races.
Rally-Raid Network will be the official representative outside Portugal, helping participants from other countries to take place in these super competitive races.

Helder Custódio, RRN editor:

"We are linked to the Super SSV Trophy since the very first minute. In fact, our connection comes from long time, since the 1st Buggy race, an annual event only for SSV (SxS).  We are deeply involved in the organization, working so close as possible with X-Adventure - the organizer of the trophy.
Our job as a representative is to work as a link between the series and the international competitors that could wish to enter is this very competitive trophy.  Portugal is an oasis for SSV, the different rules allowed an explosive growth of the SSV (called SxS by FIA).  The last Baja Portalegre is the best example possible, with almost 100 of these "pocket-rockets" at the start.  More important, is not only the cheer number of participants, but the big majority of them are extremely fast and will be fighting for the win until the very last minute.
We are sure the petrol-heads from Europe and other places will love to be part of these events and we are ready to help them to come here and race.  We know their sporting life will not be the same after this, and they will return time and time again.  But we know that the cost and the time spent to come to do just an day of racing could be to much for many, so we can help them to rent a car here, help with logistics and with all surrounding the race. 
Portugal is already in the spot light of tourism, and there are connections by airplane to all parts of Europe, and to come and race is pretty simple.  We even advise to enjoy a few days here, allowing time to know the country and also for a test drive to the chosen car before the race.  The drivers only need to pack their racing clothes, their helmets and sit inside a plane flying to Lisbon. After they land, if they want, we can take care of all.
We have Rita Konya in Hungary that will be our liaison to the racers from the central Europe, more close to the countries of the region and someone who knows well what the teams could expect.
Our series starts in the end of the month, our anxiety grows day by day because the expectation surrounding this is huge. We are sure that we will fulfil everything people are expecting from us, but to be 100% honest, until the checkered flag is dropped at the finish of the 1st race we will never know."

The Super SSV Trophy is organized by X-Adventure, with the support FMP - Federação de Motociclismo de Portugal (motorbike federation of Portugal) and with the Rally-Raid Network full cooperation.

Wacht the video from last year's Buggy Race, the event that was the percursor of the Super SSV Trophy racing series.



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