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Super SSV Trophy’s second race of the season, scheduled for 2 March will take place in one of the most emblematic race tracks of Portugal and even of Europe, when we speak about Cross-Country Rallies and Bajas.
Most of the fans, if not all who follow FIA’s World Cup know Baja Portalegre, held in Portugal in October. Always impressive, especially for foreign teams, the Prologue of this race held in the vicinity of the town of Portalegre always attract a huge crowd of fans, an image that is quite rare anywhere else in Europe in this type of events.
The Super SSV Trophy Portalegre will take place on the exact same track as Baja Portalegre’s prologue on the first weekend of March. But this time, the drivers will have plenty more time to enjoy this amazing circuit, because instead of making just one lap, they will have to fight for the best result during two very demanding hours.
The length of the race could look short but spending two hours at full throttle in lapping the track is a complicated exercise, especially for teams used to drive forward in the long Baja and Rally stages.   Here, the succession of laps will degrade the road, in an ever-increasing trial both to men and machines until the end of the race.
The race will make part of a very busy racing weekend, with two more endurance races scheduled for Saturday, for both bikes and quads of X-Trophy. On Sunday a “test day” will take place for SSV and cars participating the Portuguese championships.

Now let’s suppose you are a foreign driver, more specifically an SSV driver thinking about entering this race should be fun… Well, send us a message by email or to our Facebook page and we will help you to be present and enjoy the race.  Rally-Raid Network is an official partner of the Super SSV Trophy.

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