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Kamena Rally Team won Hungarian rally Riverside Baja in a big way. This Hungarian checkerboard, on which the rally game was played, occurred too small for Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz, since they had to fight their way through it taking chessmen.

Riverside Baja, taking place in Hungary on 10th-11th May, for Kamena Rally Team was the next fight for points in Central European Zone Championship FIA-CEZ and Hungarian Championship. Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz had had a simple goal for this rally – win this game, telling “check-mate!” to their rivals. On the first day of the rally, consisting of 3 specials, 11 km each, they said “check!” to their opponents, even though they had an adventure. On SS2, stabilizer in their CanAm Maverick X3 broke, but that didn’t prevent them from reaching the finish of the stage and winning Friday’s leg. Saturday’s battle consisted of 4 specials, 56 km each. Here, Kamena Rally Team without any mechanical issues and with confidence drove for the victory and rally “mate”. But it occurred that the checkerboard of tracks was too small for them, because they not only took the chess pieces, but also chessmen, among whom they had to fight their way through. These chessmen are cars of “royal” T1 group, which usually dominate in rallies.

“We are very happy with the victory in this rally. We achieved the goal that we had set for this rally in 100%. We are particularly glad of this victory, because the rally was very demanding, technical, thanks to what we could prove that SSVs can successfully compete, and even win with T1 cars. Surprisingly, these cars were the biggest problem for us, because overtaking them on narrow tracks without working safety systems was tough or impossible,” says Tomasz Białkowski.

Thanks to such a great pace, Kamena Rally Team defeated all 17 SSV crews with which they competed, scoring full set of points in CEZ and in Hungarian Championship. Moreover, they practically dominated the rally, because among all competitors taking part in the rally, only reigning European Champion Miroslav Zapletal was faster than them, and only by 20 seconds! This way Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz proved that they are able to win also with the best T1 crews.

“It happened to us for the first time to overtake so many T1 crews! These competitors were very surprised, when our SSV burst out of the corner. We had a lot of fun on this rally, we really liked it. Here it’s green everywhere – we are driving among green meadows and green forests, on the green grass. The atmosphere was great too, because many crews from Poland took part in this rally. We also have to underline that our service crew, PrzemPol, did a great job – they instantly analyzed all problems and instantly fixed them, thanks to what we could fight for this victory,” says Dariusz Baśkiewicz.

Kamena Rally Team came back from Riverside Baja in excellent mood and with further trophies. Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz will fight for their next trophies on 22nd – 24th May in Portugal, where they will take part in the rally Baja TT Capital Vinhos Portugal.

Source: Press release of Kamena Rally Team
Translation: Anna Michalska

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