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After two rallies in Hungary and one in Poland, Kamena Rally Team changes the rally climate to Mediterranean. On 24th-26th May, Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz will compete in Portuguese rally Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal.

Carried on the wings of spectacular success in Hungarian rally Riverside Baja, Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz are preparing for the further conquest of Europe. This time they will take part in a rally counting for the Portuguese Championship, Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal. It’s a complete change of climate – also the rally climate, as Portuguese events are very different from those taking place in Central Europe. The competitors of Kamena Rally Team already had an opportunity to taste this climate last year.

“In October we took part in Baja Portalegre 500. What made a great impression on us, was the number of SSVs participating in Portuguese rallies – there were almost a hundred of them in Portalegre! These vehicles are extremely popular there, so the competition is very numerous and very strong. We were haunted by mechanical issues right from the beginning, so we didn’t have a chance for top result, but our pace was good. This year we want to take revenge and fight for top positions, but we have to be very well prepared. That’s why we want to run Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal as a training – we don’t aim for any specific result, but for gaining experience on Portuguese tracks and in confrontation with local crews,” Tomasz Białkowski says. 

Portuguese routes are completely different from Polish or Hungarian – they are very tough, narrow, full of surprises, very technical. Thus, they demand perfect preparation of the vehicle. Servicemen from PrzemPol are taking CanAm Maverick X3 into pieces to the last bolt after also uneasy Riverside Baja to perfectly check the vehicle after Hungarian rally and prepare it for the start in Portugal. However, Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz, are preparing themselves psychically and physically for this rally, because they have to switch to the local driving style.

“Specials in Portugal are very long and it’s easy to catch adventures there, and local drivers drive very aggressively. In Poland, in the long stages we rather pay attention to saving the vehicle and reaching the finish in one piece, and there it’s the speed that counts. We have to find the golden mean between care for the vehicle and safety and driving with maximum pace. It’s not easy, because there the tracks are tight, there are a lot of gates and stone walls, it seems a bit as if you were driving in a tunnel, and thus it’s easy to catch adventures. We want to train it all on Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal. We’re going there to gain experience, but first of all, we want to have fun. The trip to Portugal is a cool adventure itself,” Dariusz Baśkiewicz says.

Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal starts on 24th May and will end on 26th May. During these 3 days Tomasz Białkowski and Dariusz Baśkiewicz will drive a 737 km long route, with 309 km against the clock. As an addition to this demanding route and very strong rivals, the competitors of Kamena Rally Team will experience beautiful landscapes and very hospitable Portuguese, and, above all, a great adventure. Kamena Rally Team found a place for this adventure in their very rich calendar of starts this year. Sometimes you just have to change the climate…

Source: Press release of Kamena Rally Team
Translation: Anna Michalska, Rita Kónya

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