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We have just finished the reconnaissance of the 2nd Rallye du Maroc by ODC. I am very pleased with the 2019 course. It is again quite varied. We found new routes with very open and Mauritania style tracks, especially in one of the stages. Amateurs and professionals will be rewarded with the pleasure of driving, traveling, adventure and discovery. All these elements remain my priorities in the route of the Rallye. We have a meeting in Fez on October 3rd. Thank you for your confidence."
- David Castera
That´s it, the 2019 course is now 100% complete! The ODC team has finished traversing Morocco.
The mileage for professional drivers has been extended (FIA and FIM categories) while the Enduro Cup, SSV and Open categories will have a distance of about 300 km to go each day. One stage will be entirely dedicated to the Enduro Cup, SSV and Open categories with a suitable layout, without pressure and designed for fun, with the start and finish at the bivouac!  Each stage offers a wide variety of terrain with its own characteristic: the Middle Atlas, sand and dunes, open spaces, pilotage and navigation. Our efforts to accompany the amateurs are important. Thierry Sabine said of the Dakar ‘It is a test made for amateurs in which professionals have their place.’ A value we want to continue to honour today. 

Passionate about Enduro and raid, the Rallye du Maroc invites you to discover with minimal constraints the rally raid. Equip your Enduro bike (up to 520cc) with a road-book reader, suitable mousse and tires and you’re ready for the adventure. Refuelling every 90 km will allow you to have a small capacity tank and ride with a lighter bike.
By taking advantage of our transportation offers you can get your bike to Morocco and have an area for ‘Bike Trunks’, allowing you to easily find your equipment each evening and prepare your bike for the next day.
For the owners of SSV’s, the Rallye du Maroc gives you the opportunity to traverse the tracks of Morocco as part of a real rally raid mixing professionals and amateurs.
The SSV category of the Rallye du Maroc allows you to participate without a big preparation (elements of safety will be seen in the technical regulations) and with the original tank since we organize a refuelling every 90 kilometres.
In addition, you can take advantage of offers from professionals such as Can-Am and Yamaha who give you access to a parts truck to lighten your logistics.

While rallies have evolved a lot, without returning to the era of candlelight, the Rallye du Maroc want to take you back to the era of the bivouac. During 4 days, we will share a high quality bivouac for the comfort of all.
The idea is to share daily experiences and adventures between professionals, amateurs, assistance, the organization and media. Whether it be near the bar, in the relax zone, around the fire, at the dining tables or in the tents during the preparation of the road book.
In a time of individualism, comfort, and hours in front of our telephones or computers, we hope to propose sharing, conversation and the discovery of a true rally raid atmosphere!
Comfort will not be disregarded. You can choose a standard tent with 2 to 4 beds or a Luxury tent with shower and toilet inside the tent.
Does this tempt you to take a break from your daily routine? Come experience the adventure of rally raid this year and leave the hotels behind for a modern day bivouac.
Registration opened on April 1st and you have until June 30th to benefit from a 10% discount.
visit our website: http://www.rallyemaroc.com for online registration.
You will also find on our website under ‘ACCOMODATION’ a link to book your hotel in Fes and your tent at the bivouac via our new travel agency.
Shortly you will find under the tab ‘Competitors’, ‘Services’ the offer of transportation of vehicles and equipment.
Under the ‘Competitors’ tab, a companion rate for your spouses, family or friends who wish to follow your adventure will be offered. To best suit their needs, 2 packages will be available:

Source Rallye Du Maroc 2019
 Photos from last year's race

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