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The EDC Team have decided to make changes to the Sporting and Technical Regulations in order to improve the championship, moving forward in to the future after a multiple communications and meetings with Teams and Competitors to find what most needed to be enhanced.

A new tracking system and new rules will be part of the future.  Some regulations were completely overhauled, like the Buggy regulations with the aim of improving safety and common regulations with the aim of improving competition of all drivers.
In 2019 the ATCUAE/UAEMC, in association with the Emirates Motor Sport Federation (EMSF), will organise a series of desert/cross country rallies which will be titled the Emirates Desert Championship, made by 5 races held over the course of the season, starting in January 2019 and finishing only in December. 

The series will be conducted in accordance with the relevant technical and safety regulations of the FIA and its representative for the UAE, the Automobile &Touring Club of the UAE (ASN), and the FIM and its representative for the UAE, the UAE Motorcycle Club (FMN). 

The entries are open for cars, buggies, motorcycles and quads which comply, as appropriate, with the FIA, FIM or UAE National Technical and Safety Regulations. 

The rallies will be run over desert terrain and will consist of a number of laps over a course. The track will be physically marked with sporadic route markers. The Primary means of Navigation will be by track data on a navigational device. The lap distance will be approximately 15-20 kms, but no more than 30 kms. Major direction changes will be defined by Passage Controls, where the competitor’s passage will be recorded. 

Separate routes will be marked for MOTO and AUTO/BUGGY, with each route merging back together to cross the Finish line and Transponder loop. Each route will be defined by markers placed at intervals along the route. The markers will be sporadically placed ‘Confirmation’ markers and ‘CAUTION!’ Markers, as determined by the route director. The details of each route and individual markers will be explained by the Route Director at the morning briefing. 

2019’s Major new regulation will see Navigational devices used in order to locate the route of the Baja (Such as in DIB/ADDC).  Route markers will not be used for navigation, only for “CAUTIONS!” and confirmation markers that will be sporadically placed to confirm competitors are on the correct route.  To acomplish the organizers decision, a GPS A tracking unit will be provided to all competitors each race day.  This unit will record the race details of the competitor, including the passage controls, which will be considered as a ‘Point of Interest’ within the tracking system. This means that competitive vehicles must pass within a set distance of the PC for it to have been considered as visited. Failure to do so will result in the competitor being penalised with a minimum of 1 Fail. Should a competitor pass close enough to the PC for the tracking to have considered it as visited, but without going through each set of cones as instructed, this will be reported by the marshals and the competitor will be given a time penalty. 

These races will be open to competitors with age over 18, that must hold  a valid competition licence (Auto/Buggy – “National Rally”; Moto/Quad – “Motocross/Baja”) issued by the ATCUAE/UAEMC.   Non-UAE residents or holders of a non-ATCUAE/UAEMC license must present, with their competition license, at Registration, a letter giving Starting Permission issued by their ASN/FMN and, by signing the Entry Form, confirm that they have valid Personal Accident Insurance, which covers Medical costs, Temporary and Permanent Disability and Repatriation to a level that they are prepared to accept as sufficient to cover the risk associated with entry in such an event. 

To keep the races competitive and safe, the organizers limited the number of entries to 100 motos and 30 cars or buggies per round and the entries will be accepted in order of submission, based on the time and date of receipt of the submitted email. Entries must be submitted as an e-mail attachment to the organisers by 18:00 on the Tuesday preceding the event. Entries must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

To know more about this series, please visit championship website www.emiratesdesertchampionship.ae to get access to entry forms, event dates and championship standings during the season. 

Technical regulations are already available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5nak43upxz5pquf/2019%20Buggy%20Technical%20Advice%20and%20Regulations%20v1.pdf?dl=0

Source Emirates Desert Championship


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