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The organizing committees of the Hail Nissan 2019 International Rally began their preparations for the 14th edition by launching the 14th edition with a new suit for the Rally which begins on 27 December at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with a desert track of 1,727.05 km in four different stages of the Hail desert.

The Executive Committee explained that the rally committees began preparations for the largest event in the sport of Saudi cars and will launch the rally Hail Nissan 2019 on 27 December to 1 January 2019, and registration of the participating teams began on 16 November on the website of the Saudi Federation of cars and motorcycles will be Receive technical inspection and documentation for participants on board cars and motorcycles at 9 am on Friday, December 28 at the "Al Maghwa" Center.

According to the Executive Committee, the launch ceremony will take place on Saturday 29 December in the race phase in the Qrin Anz area and will continue in four stages (Baqaa - Al-Rudifah - Umm Al-Kulan - Al Ghazala). The expectations for participants will reach 50 cars and 23 motorcycles For the contestants, the track of this rally will reach a total length of 1727.05 km. The rally will be accompanied by various tourist, sports and youth activities.

The Hail Rally will be held in April 2019. Organized by the Hail Development Authority in cooperation with the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage and the General Authority for Sport and under the technical supervision of the Saudi Arabian Federation of Automobiles and Motorcycles member of the International Automobile Federation "FiA" His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Muqrin, and the supervision and follow-up of His Highness Prince Abdullah bin Khalid bin Abdullah, Assistant Chairman of the Hail Development Authority, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Hail Nissan Aldo Rally. Lee 2019

The rally continues for ten days, and the race is held on the formation of natural terrain diverse and distinctive, and continues to "Nissan" cars sponsorship of the event

Source Hail International Rally

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