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The 2019 edition of  Rally Cuesta, raced last weekend in Botucatu (Brazil) and counting for all categories (Cars, SSV, Bike, and Quad) was a historic edition with record entry numbers.  In total 106 vehicles were present at the start, with the SSV (UTV) category conquering most of the attentions with 56 participants. The rest was split for the remaining categories: 21 in cars and 28 altogether in bikes and quads.

Rally Cuesta 2019 started with a short prologue, followed by two 172 kilometer long stages, each one with their one classification and points for the championships. For cars, stage 1 and stage 2 of Rally Cuesta were leg 7 and leg 8 of 2019 championship respectively. For the motorbikes, quads, and SSV the same had happened, with stage 1 of the rally scoring points as leg 3 of the championship and leg 2 as leg 4.

In Motorbikes, Bruno Teles won the motorbike category and Mauricio Lima won in quads.  In SSV, the big winner was Gustavo Gugelmin who we are most used to see in the co-driver seat: "I've raced Rally Minas as a driver and now also Rally Cuesta. I'm quite happy and surprised. Congratulations to Arena Eventos organization, it was a hard race, technical and very fast, safe and very well-marked. I've raced a lot with Reinaldo Varela and I saw how is done, learning with the "master", and this is good as now he trusts me even more."

In the car category, X-Rally Team was the star of the event finishing with their 3 cars on the 3 podium places. Cristian Baumgart / Beco Andreotti (X Rally Ranger) finished 1st, followed by Marcos Baumgart / Maykel Justo (X Rally Ranger) in second and  Mauro Guedes / Filipe Bianchini (Ford Ranger) in third.
"I'm very happy for returning to the competition and especially for doing with a victory. The last time I raced was in 2019 Dakar Rally, and I've not raced in Brazilian championship events for 4 years now. I was missing the Ranger.  The organizers and all that entered in the race deserve congratulations. Since I've stopped, the championship improved a lot,Cristian Baumgart said.

1) 10 Bruno Ayrton Leles, YZ 450FX, (1)PDA, 3h51min43s
2) 7 Rafael Espindola, KLX 450R, (1)SPD, 3h53min54s
3) 8 Ramon Oliveira Sacilotti, YZ 450 FX, (2)SPD, 3h55min10s
4) 32 Luciano de Menezes, KTM, (1)REG, 03h56min08s
5) 23 Cesar Peduti Filho, Husqvarna TE 300, (1)MAR, 4h16min16s

1) 154 Gustavo Gugelmin, Maverick X3, (1)UTVS, 3h40min07s
2) 105 Mauricio Pena Rocha, Can-Am X3 XRS, (1)UTPE, 3h40min20s
3) 102  Bruno Varela, X3 The Best, (2)UTPE, 3h40min40s
4) 116 Denisio do Nascimento, Maverick X3 2019, (3)UTPE, 3h405min29s
5) 123  Wilker Campos, Maverick X3, (2)UTVS, 03h40min58s

1) 40 Mauricio Lima, YFZ 450R, 5h07min23s
2) 39 Richard Amaral, Yamaha Raptor 700, 7h45min18s

1) 303 Cristian Baumgart / Beco Andreotti, X Rally Ranger, (2)T1, 3h34min19s
2) 301 Marcos Baumgart / Maykel Justo, X Rally Ranger, (1)T1, 3h39min07s
3) 314  Mauro Guedes / Filipe Bianchini, Ford Ranger, (3)T1, 03h41min06s
4) 348  Carlos Ambrosio / Cadu Sachs, Buggy Giaffone, (1)OP, 3h46min05s
5) 373  Marcelo Gastaldi / Claudio Rieser, Buggy V8, (1)OP, 1h53min39s

Translation and adaptation: Rally-Raid Network
Source CBA / SIG Comunicação
Photo: X-Rally Team / Luciano Santos

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