Goncalves, Cavigliasso, Gutiérrez, Huidobro and Uribe are the winners of Baja Inka Mitsubishi Motors Paracas 1000

Peruvian driver Jimmy Huidobro (car class T1.1) got a wild card, and SSV driver Juan Carlos Uribe won the Dakar Challenge: Both of them were awarded with a free entry for the next Dakar Rally
Baja Inka Mitsubishi Motors Paracas 1000 finished last Sunday, after 4 long and demanding stages, covering more than 1000 kilometres in the dunes of Peru. Paulo Goncalves (bikes), Nicolás Cavigliasso (quads), Rodrigo Gutiérrez (cars T1.1), Jimmy Huidobro (cars T1.2) and Juan Carlos Uribe (SSV) were the winners in their respective classes and categories.
In the bike category, Portuguese Paulo Gonçalves from Monster Energy Honda Team made use of all his experience to climb to the first position overall at the end of the race, although he didn’t win any of the stages.  His regularity and the reliability of the Honda bike allowed him to complete the race with a total time of 9h54m43s.  In second place finished Adrien Van Beveren on a Yamaha. Third overall was another Honda rider, Argentinian Kevin Benavides, also with a very regular racing throughout the race.
Among quads, the winner was Argentina’s  Nicolás Cavigliasso (12h7m52s), showing great skills and pointing himself to a path of great success in the category for the future.  Also from Argentina, young rider Nicolás Gagliardi finished second, while Peruvian Ignacio Flores completed the podium. 
In the car category, Rodrigou Gutiérres from Bolivia took home the winner’s trophy overall and in class T1.1 with his Toyota. The Bolivian fought for the win from start to finish, and his efforts paid off.  Diego Weber, also in a Toyota, managed to finish second after some mechanical problems on the penultimate stage. Argentine Emiliano Spataro from Renault Duster Dakar Team finished 3rd, after a race recovering positions. 
In class T1.2, Jimmy Huidobro in a Mitsubishi got his first win in this race, after a great participation last year. As a bonus, he also won the Dakar Challenge classification, and secured his place in next year's edition of the hardest rally of the world. On second place finished Miguel Alvaréz (Toyota) and on third J. Alonso Benavides also in a Mitsubishi, completing a full Peruvian podium.
In the SSV category, the overall win went to the brothers Juan Carlos Uribe / Javier Uribe in a Can Am Maverick. Fernando de Olazábal (Can Am) in second and  Hernán Garcés (Can Am) in third completed the podium. The winning team also won the Dakar Challenge for this category, and received a free entry for Dakar 2018.   

Campeonato Latinoamericano de Rally Todo Terreno FIM 2017: The winners in this competition were Kevin Benavides (bikes) and Nicolás Cavigliasso (quads), two great Argentinian riders who imposed themselves in this race over the remaining participants.

Campeonato CODASUR de Cross Country 2017 (5th race): The winner was the Bolivian  Rodrigo Gutiérrez (cars T1.1), who also won in the overall classification, with the Dakar 2018 in his sight.

Source Baja Inka Paracas Mitsubishi 1000


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