From 10 to 13 August, Hungary is organising the third round of the 2017 FIM Cross Country Rallies Bajas World Cup in Veszprém, a magnificent little historic town full of old world charm. Built on five hills, it has a hundred listed Baroque buildings, and its narrow streets, bridges and historical mills make it a popular centre for culture and tourism. Just 17 km from Lake Balaton, Veszprém is the largest town in the Bakony Forest.
For four days, Veszprém will be the centre of the HunGarian Baja with the administrative and technical verifications taking place on Thursday followed by a press conference in the Town Hall and a starting ceremony in Óváros Square in the heart of the old town.
On Friday afternoon, a 11.4 km Super Special will be organised to determine the starting order for the first selective section. The course includes some spectacular jumps that the riders - and the public - will certainly give the respect they are due.
The assistance paddock is located at an airport, Szentkirályszabadja, and the organisers have gone to great pains to create a convivial atmosphere.
On Saturday, the riders will strike out for two 136.60 km loops and on Sunday they will cover two loops over 103.20 km.
Altogether, 54 riders will take part in this HunGarian Baja: 6 motorcycles and 7 quads in the FIM categories, 6 motorcycles and 5 quads in the European Bajas Championship and 30 riders in Enduro XL. 
Among the FIM motorcycle riders are Alessandro Ruoso (KTM), Stefan Svitko (KTM) and Adrien Maré (KTM) while Arnaldo Martins (Suzuki), Pawel Samek (Suzuki) and Jaroslaw Kalinowski will be defending their colours in quad.

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