Maikel Smits, the best Dutch biker of Dakar 2018 becomes the Rymax-rider
Roadbooks are ready & the final reconnaissance is coming up
An unforgettable experience with a visit to the MDC2018: our 3 VIP-trips

Last chance to register & the biggest truck race in the world
This Sunday night 11th February at midnight the registrations for the Morocco Desert Challenge 2018 will officially be closed. The categories motor/quad and the SSVs were already fully booked since 2 weeks with respectively 60 and 30 participating teams. This also goes for the truck category now with an impressive 33 race trucks registered. So yes, our goal has been reached: With appropriate pride we can claim the title of the ‘biggest T4 truck race in the world.’ The new teams who recently signed up in this category will be published soon.
With 20 cars in the “Raid”, also this category is fully booked. There’s only place left for 3 race cars in the 4x4 or 4x2 category. First come, first serve but nevertheless registrations will be closed Sunday night.

Maikel Smits, the best Dutch biker of Dakar 2018 becomes the Rymax-rider
It was one of the toughest Dakars in years, but Maikel Smits managed to reach the finish line. Definitely something to be proud of. He managed to become 26th overall in the general rankings: a big achievement as a rookie between the best riders in the world.
This great achievement was also noticed by Morocco Desert Challenge’s main sponsor Rymax Lubricants. They invited Smits to participate in the 10th edition of the MDC. Maikel Smits aims for a top-5 ranking while riding in Rymax colours.
Morocco is not an unknown area for Smits: he finished in a good 15th position in the 2017 edition of the Merzouga Rally. During the Morocco Desert Challenge, Smits has to push hard to finish even better. It’s going to be a great battle in the motorbike/quad ranking of this edition of the MDC. Shortly, more information about the riders will be mentioned on the website.

Roadbooks are ready & the final reconnaissance is coming up
The hard work is done. After 3 reconnaissance trips of many weeks and many months of computer work by Jean-Claude Kaket & Mimie, the road books of the MDC2018 are ready for their final checks. Next week a team of 10 people and 5 cars will leave to Morocco to start the final checks. Besides myself and my Sports Director, Jean-Marie Lurquin and Charly Gotlib will also join the team. Both of them are internationally known top-navigators with respectively 19 and 29 Dakars at the palmares. The reconnaissance adventure can be followed from February 20th at

Here are some amazing statistics about the creation of our road books:
  • Total number of kilometres driven during the preparations: 17356 km
  • Digitalizing the rally & raid road books: 900 working hours
  • Number of drawings/boxes in the roadbook: 3897 (rally) and 1889 (raid)
  • Total number of GPS tracks (rally, raid, medics, sweepers, assistance, etc): 323
An unforgettable experience with a visit to the MDC2018: our 3 VIP-trips
Are you a really fan, have you got any family members or friends who participate in the MDC or are you the sponsor of one of the teams? Maybe you want to join the rally for a few days and experience the atmosphere on the race track ánd in the bivouac. Well, it is possible!
Between the 14th and the 22nd of April, the participants of the MDC will cross Morocco in eight diverse stages. Between the start on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and the finish line on the Mediterranean, they will encounter all the beauty the Morocco has to offer: breath-taking canyons, challenging dune routes, desolate valleys and panoramic landscapes. The Morocco Desert Challenge is literally what it promises: a real rally, filled with challenge and diversity, with beautiful bivouacs in the desert and no boring connecting routes. We’ve divided the race into 3 parts (beginning, middle, end) and created 3 VIP trips.
Each of the three VIP trips covers a different phase of the Morocco Desert Challenge so there is something for everyone: the spectacular start on Plage Blanche on the Atlantic Ocean, the impressive dunes of Erg Chegaga and Merzouga or the emotion and euphoria of the finish on the Mediterranean Sea. What the three trips have in common is that they all offer every comfort and convenience and bring you close to the rally. More than that: you’ll actually be part of it. Great encounters, comfort, self-drive with a 4x4, etc.
For more info & reservations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: +31/(0)

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