Organizers chose the emblematic location to start the new series

After several editions of the Buggy Race, an annual event only for small buggies and UTVs, actually known as SSV or SxS (under FIA Rules), X-Adventure the promoter of this competition decided to kick off with a new series of events just for SSVs with the full support of the Portuguese Motorcycle Federation (in Portugal, SSVs race under the similar rules as quads).

To start in great style, the first race will take place in Fronteira, a village in the Alentejo region in central Portugal mostly known for being the venue of the 24 Hours Off-Road Race organized by ACP and that usually gathers close to hundred cars racing a full day in a track surrounded by many thousands of spectators.

The race track will be completely new, with the 10 kilometres of length being very wide and with an extremely good visibility, perfect for the safety of the races and for a great show for the crowd expected.

The regulation of this competition will be available in a few days, but there are already some hints about the rules. To start, all the technical details will be the same as for all the competitions held under the Federation rules. There will be two classes: T1 for the cars fitted with turbo, and T2 for the cars without turbo.

As for the sporting regulations, the races will be run in the format of endurance, with the first classified being the one that’s able to complete more laps on the track inside the 2 hours of racing time.

All events will start with a 30-minute period for the reconnaissance of the track and free practice, which is not mandatory. Then, one hour later the participants will have to copmplete one mandatory timed lap to the track, the starting grid being based on these times.

Both the T1 and the T2 class will have their own 2 hours races, but if the minimum of 15 participants is not achieved in any of the classes, there will be only one race for the two classes together at the same time.

Luís Pirralho, X-Adventure director:

“It is amazing to receive so many contacts and questions about this series. The interest surrounding it is huge. I have to say that we were expecting a big interest, after all the SSV (SxS) is the category that has the most impressive growth recently. But none of us was prepared for this. We are receiving a lot of contacts from Portugal, but also from many countries in Europe, some even distant.
Of course, this gives us trust in the success of the series, but also brings a lot of responsibility. For that reason, not only us, but also the organizers and partners are working already with a lot of dedication but also very carefully to assure that on the first day everything is ready at top level.  For example, in the first race we will have a pitlane very similar to the 24 Hours Offroad race with tents for all the teams to install their boxes.
Soon we will publish more information and open an official website to be closer to our participants and public.”

The Super SSV Trophy is promoted by X-Adventure, with the full support of FMP - Federação de Motociclismo de Portugal, and of Rally-Raid Network is the international representative of the competition.

INTERNATIONAL CONTACTS:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (participants, partners and media)