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Incredible and spectacular as they are, Motorsports and specially cross-country rallies have been, since the first time anyone tried to anything with an engine a source of accidents, mishaps and all sort of unexpected problems.
Drivers and riders are aware that from the 1st meter to the last one of any race they will be under the constant danger of something wrong could happen to them, no matter what kind of vehicle they are using.
Fortunaly, the security improvements reduced the risk a lot and still keep reducing with new systems being introduced, strict rules and incremental build quality of the vehicles year after year.   
This section will publish some of those accidents and other unexpected events in racing. Some times they are simply funny, other times spectacular and a few times even scary. In all of them the humans left the carnage with no major problems. The vehicles, well unfortunately for some this was the end.
In this section we cast our very special and particular look on these situations and present you with an unexpected answer to what the videos show.

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We will feature in this section videos that show accidents or events that can be considered masterpieces. The level of perfection is not at the reach of most of the drivers, and only a few selected ones are able to pull out of their socks works like these. Today's video will work as an introduction to this topic, and an important detail is to be stated: no one got injured.

This video was recorded in Portugal, at the prologue of Baja TT Rota do Douro 2016. The thinking line behind it was "Why to spend so much time driving and seeking for a perfect place to crash, when you can do it in absolute perfection just right here", and the outcome was that amazing masterpiece that entered directly into the history books. The team got out of the vehicle without problems, and the vehicle itself is still with his "family" racing and in very good health after  some very recent evolutions.

Video uploaded to youtube by Sports MultimĂ©dia
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This video is a warning. Do not ever, EVER try this. Do not fool yourself thinking that because there is a crash already that the spot is good. Check it out first before attempting your own stunt.
This video shows already the aftermath of a first crash, and shows in detail the second one, by far the scarier and more dangerous of the two.
Dakar 2017, Altiplano Boliviano. An apparently safe route was hiding a dangerous trap, like a spider with its web waiting for the flies to land in it. The first victim was the Sam Mercedes of Juan Manuel Silva, and while the spectators were still trying to help the shocked crew, the North American Matthew Campbell decided to have a go at the same place and suffered similar fate, but even more spectacular and scary.
Nothing serious happened to the crews, but they needed assistance and the cars suffered severe damage.

Video uploaded to youtube by:  Marcelo Flores R

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In some of our earlier posts we presented you a very polemic thematic: the magnetism of wood. After the test made by a Polish scientist we set ourselves to find more examples of this strange and enigmatic property of some, if not all trees.
As we said before, they are very democratic and attract plastic, fiberglass and all kinds of metal. Such a weird characteristic made us suspect they can have alien origin.
Today we will show you a short video from Italian Baja and how an innocent driver was caught without any earlier warning by one of these dangerous plants.
In the video we can clearly listen to someone speaking, and if we are right, they are identifying the tree as a "Porca Puttana", one that is known to be one of the most infamous and magnetic of all and source of many racing problems.
No one got hurt and team continued in the race.

Video uploaded to youtube by: driver

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In some of our previous video publications we already spoke about the importance of choosing the right place to crash. The next step for a successful crash is to try to gain something or improve your vehicle features.

Today we will show how to lower your car's temperature if you don't have the benefit of an air conditioner on your car. It's very common in the races, especially in desert races, for the temperatures inside the cockpit to be well above 50ÂșC. This can cause serious problems both to driver and co-driver.

Now let's see how Benediktas Vanagas solved this problem on his car, in the 2013 edition of Dakar Rally. No one got hurt, he removed more than half of this windscreen and some body parts of his car, and successfully lowered the temperature inside his car.

Eurosport video uploaded to Youtube by Ziya Salmanov

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A few days ago, we spoke about how important is to find the best place to crash and what are the important features of the location. But as much or even more important is the determination of the rider or driver.
To be focused, determined, and certain of yourself is a great help to produce a nice crash to entertain the public, even more important than using speed, which can in fact be dangerous.  The driver or rider should use all his crashing skills and avoid any injuries or damage that could leave him out of the race. This means that slow speed can also be very effective, and even at very slow speed you can show the sun to the bottom of your car and leave the crowd happy.
In the following example we show you the work of a master. The perfect spot was chosen, safe and with all the necessary features. Then after some tries just for testing and evaluation purposes, a subtle and even delicate move successfully executed resulted in a slow speed rollover with no damage to the car or injuries to the crew. Perfect.
Like  in all the other videos we published, no one got seriously injured in the crash and after some work the crew continued the race.

Video:  A Seguin

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