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Incredible and spectacular as they are, Motorsports and specially cross-country rallies have been, since the first time anyone tried to anything with an engine a source of accidents, mishaps and all sort of unexpected problems.
Drivers and riders are aware that from the 1st meter to the last one of any race they will be under the constant danger of something wrong could happen to them, no matter what kind of vehicle they are using.
Fortunaly, the security improvements reduced the risk a lot and still keep reducing with new systems being introduced, strict rules and incremental build quality of the vehicles year after year.   
This section will publish some of those accidents and other unexpected events in racing. Some times they are simply funny, other times spectacular and a few times even scary. In all of them the humans left the carnage with no major problems. The vehicles, well unfortunately for some this was the end.
In this section we cast our very special and particular look on these situations and present you with an unexpected answer to what the videos show.

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In the modern times the technologic development made many devices smaller, smarter and more efficient. One of those cases are surveillance cameras, disguised as something else or hidden in the most unsuspected places, recording every single step you take or sound you make. Fortunately they don't pick up smell... yet.  

This plague is affecting racing like never before, and the racers always have "Big Brother" following them in the special stages. A favourite spot for the Intelligence Agencies to plant cameras is the roof top of a racing car, but fear not, there is a solution for that:
In today's video we will show you what to do if you find one of those on the roof of your car and you are a fearless driver. You just need to follow three easy steps: 
#1: Ask your co-driver to find in the rood book a note with a "jump" or something similar. 
#2: When arriving to the right place, pick up a lot of speed and jump as high as you can.  
#3: In the air, press the brake pedal as hard as possible to ensure your car will flip and end up on its roof. This will destroy to pieces the nasty camera you had on your car, following you everywhere like a shadow.

If you follow these steps carefully, you can smash the camera, and leave the scene with no injuries like this team did.

Video: kordaracing

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There are some of those days in a rally when nothing goes as planned: the route is hard to find, you even get lost, you have a bad idea of climbing a dune in the wrong direction, and you end up with your car stuck in the sand in a very odd and somewhat dangerous position. It's like a normal day in the office, with the sole difference that you are in the middle of nowhere, burning in the sun with no shadow to be seen for miles around.

The best you can hope for on one of these days is someone to come and help you to get out of the uncomfortable situation you put yourself in. The problem is when this desired "Guardian Angel" has even worse ideas than yourself, and is ready to make sure that you will get in a carnage no matter what.

In the next video you will have a chance to see how a simple but very effective plan transformed a bad day into a catastrophe. Unfortunately for the people involved in this,  they did not take with them any Guinness Record book judge, because if this was not a world record for turnovers, it was definitely close. Still, success was achieved, the car was not stuck anymore at the end of strange dune descent.

Video:  Dakar -  Uploaded to youtube by 
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In general,  a good driver or rider in Motorsports, should also be a perfect ballet dancer. And among all the disciplines,  cross-country rally is one of the most demanding in terms of ballet skills, not only for the car category but also for all the others - bikes, quads, SSV and even trucks.

Ballet requires grace and percussion and applying some formalized moves and gestures, making an intricate and flowing movement that express all the skills of the driver or rider to the most critic eye of the public.

This theatrical form of motorsports combines dancing and the sweet sound produced by the high rev engines, specially petrol ones who can take any assistance to motorsports Eden. Sometimes drivers and riders want to tell a story that ends in drama, often with a crash creating an emotional atmosphere. Others, the suspense created by the dancers is so "thick" that can be cut with a knife, with the public being taken to the limit of anxiety, waiting for a crash or a fall that will never happen. And finally, in some cases the racers idea is just to display grace and skill with some uncontrolled movements.

In the following video, recorded at Baja Portalegre 2012, we will show you a short introduction to Motorsports Ballet, with some very impressive performances of various drivers. This video is only for the car category. In an upcoming article, we will show you the motorbikes.

But for now, let us guide you to the wonderful world of ballet:

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In the “Don't try this at home” section we will feature a series of videos to discuss the magnetic properties of wood. As a start of this series, we are going to have a look at a scientific test made back in 2015.
The test made at Baja Poland 2015 had as purpose finding the definitive proof that wood is magnetic. This elusive characteristic of wood was hidden from the public, but like many racing drivers already know, wood attracts metal, plastic and fibre glass. 
The scientist who made this test chose a small tree not to damage his samples, and then one by one he watched the cars pass near the tree to see how they react and recorded all to further analysis. The test was an absolute success: he got irrefutable proof of the magnetism of wood.

In the next weeks we will go deeper into this very polemic topic and show you the benefits and dangers of this unsuspected property of wood, but for now, let us show you the Polish study.

Video: gomotorsport

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If most of the participants take advantage of any crash to score some audiences and get their moment at the news, there is a rare breed of them that in the event of a crash will act like a Ninja, recovering fast and if possible do not letting anyone notice it.
 fine example of a Ninja Crash is showed us here by Paulo Gonçalves, back at 2016 Dakar Rally. The Portuguese Honda rider was cruising at speed during the 8th stage of the rally when he suffered a really nasty crash, spinning and hitting the ground hard. The helicopter crew that was following him and recording the images didn't have the time event to come close or land, because in a glimpse of an eye Gonçalves was up and racing again.   24 seconds was the time from beginning to end – this can only be achieved by Dark Belt Ninja riders.

Paulo Gonçalves kept in the race for some more stages, even taking the lead, but on the 11th stage, under extreme heat, the Portuguese was forced to retire.

Video: Dakar, uploaded to Youtube by Correo del Sur


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