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Incredible and spectacular as they are, Motorsports and specially cross-country rallies have been, since the first time anyone tried to anything with an engine a source of accidents, mishaps and all sort of unexpected problems.
Drivers and riders are aware that from the 1st meter to the last one of any race they will be under the constant danger of something wrong could happen to them, no matter what kind of vehicle they are using.
Fortunaly, the security improvements reduced the risk a lot and still keep reducing with new systems being introduced, strict rules and incremental build quality of the vehicles year after year.   
This section will publish some of those accidents and other unexpected events in racing. Some times they are simply funny, other times spectacular and a few times even scary. In all of them the humans left the carnage with no major problems. The vehicles, well unfortunately for some this was the end.
In this section we cast our very special and particular look on these situations and present you with an unexpected answer to what the videos show.

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In our last article we already spoke about the topic of finding the right spot for a crash. This time we will study this subject from a different point of view, taking into account the extraordinary quality of some crashing spots to the point they become irresistible to any real petrol head.

Back in 2014, Portugal's Baja de Alcoutim featured one of those amazing places that no one could refuse to have a go at the crashing spot. Fortunately for us, the public was there recording all the events that were happening. Most of the participants only had a taste of the place, just feel the sweet and poisonous adrenaline of this tasty crashing spot.

The cars arrived at speed to unsuspected location, and maybe because the road was slippery, or because the roadbook wasn't precise enough or simply because the calling for a crash was too strong, many ended doing a little bit of gardening or swirling and dancing in the middle of the road. But some, showing more commitment decided to have a go for real, with at least two of them rolling in the place, a bonus for the happy local crowd that was having a really nice day at the races.

No one got hurt, only shaken or surprised.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: DMTV-Portugal

User Rating: 5 / 5

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The right spot to crash is not always easy to find. The teams could spend a full rally without having the smallest event to record, some even manage to finish without a single crash on the bonnet of the car or in one side of the motorbike. 

The right spot should have several features: crowd is important to help with rescue and, even more importantly, to record the event. To be easy to get out to not lose too much time. The features on the ground and obstacles should not cause too much damage to the vehicle to allow the team to continue the race. And still, the location should be spectacular enough for the images to become viral. 

So, when the opportunity shows up, some racers don't even think twice.

The worst case scenario is having others with the same idea as you, and trying to steal from you all the exclusivity of the right spot. Just have a look at this video from 2014 Dakar.  Adam Malysz found a perfect place for a crash, all the elements were there, but when he was thinking that he was the only one, just seconds after a quad rider and another participant in a pickup copied him, depriving him from the exclusivity of that spot. Even the big guys from Kamaz wanted their share and crashed exactly in the same place. 

No one got hurt, all of them continued the race, but no one got the exclusivity of that beautiful crashing spot. On the other side of the bench, the local crowd enjoyed the spot a lot, full of events in a nice day at the races.

Both videos are from:  jose villegas

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A front flip, also known as a front tuck, is an advanced motorsports move. If you want to execute an impressive front flip, you need to have the strength, speed, and determination to pull it off. It can be useful to already have understood how to do a front roll and dive roll before advancing to the front flip. Then, practice the move in different races and terrains, always in front of a photographer to record your move and allow you to spot any eventual errors. Once you're comfortable, you'll be able to execute the flip on your own or with a co-driver. With some patience and practice, you’ll soon be flipping like a pro in races all over the world like Giniel De Villiers did back in 2008 at the Central Europe Rally, a race born on the ashes of the cancelled 2008 edition of Dakar Rally.

Giniel and his co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz achieved top marks both for style and exectution at stage 5 of CER2008. His Volkswagen Race Touareg flipped several times when they passed over one of the many ditches of that track. The nasty crash left the car destroyed, but the roll-cage showed an impressive strength and kept the crew safe. Apart from a few bruises and a shock, de Villiers and von Zitzewitz survived unharmed from the "washing machine" treatment they received.

Video Eurosport uploaded to Youtube by barre84

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Balázs Szalay and László Bunkoczi were enjoying a normal race stage, straight line and "full steam ahead" at Fehérép Cup back in the year 2016 when they were surprised.  Lurking in the grass, like a predator waiting for his prey was a small but particularly nasty ditch ready to cause carnage. 

The team didn't spoted the problem in time to brake and involved in a pretty spectacular accident. In these cases not much has to be done, only enjoy the ride and wait for it to finish soon, praying for the less damage possible.

Some bruises and a destroyed car were the result from this crash, and of course the obvious retirement from the race and no points.  Unfortunately there is not yet a "Motorsport Gymnastics sports" because if yes, this should have received very high marks for execution and spectacle.

Video: Opeldakarteam

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Italian Baja 2013 should be part of the memories of both Mikola Lytvinchuk and Vladyslav Kushchynskyy for the rest of their lives .  They were the crew inside the Nissan Pick-up number 233.

What makes Italian Baja so unique is the track draw in the Tagliamento river mostly dry riverbed.  Unique as it is, it hides also some dangers and often can offer some "unpleasant" surprises to the participants.

This team found a very interesting way to almost launch their car into space, so high was their jump. The real problem wasn't the spectacular take off, but the very hard landing that followed just some short seconds after.   Shaken for sure, driver and co-driver didn't suffered any severe injuries in the crash.  

Video by: H.R.rallystudio Homy.

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