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Incredible and spectacular as they are, Motorsports and specially cross-country rallies have been, since the first time anyone tried to anything with an engine a source of accidents, mishaps and all sort of unexpected problems.
Drivers and riders are aware that from the 1st meter to the last one of any race they will be under the constant danger of something wrong could happen to them, no matter what kind of vehicle they are using.
Fortunaly, the security improvements reduced the risk a lot and still keep reducing with new systems being introduced, strict rules and incremental build quality of the vehicles year after year.   
This section will publish some of those accidents and other unexpected events in racing. Some times they are simply funny, other times spectacular and a few times even scary. In all of them the humans left the carnage with no major problems. The vehicles, well unfortunately for some this was the end.
In this section we cast our very special and particular look on these situations and present you with an unexpected answer to what the videos show.

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To crash you do not need to have the fastest car, the most modern or well equiped.  Something so modest like the outstanding and loved Peugeot 504 that every year shows up at 24Hours Off-Road Fronteira in Portugal can also have their own "Gremlin" moments.
Being the crowd favourite do not make the 504 safer than any other of the 100 petrol heads that every year go to Fronteira to 24 hours of racing action.
Back in 2013, one of the dustiest editions in memory, the 504 started like in every year like a hawk behind all the others until...

Video: Joaquim Serrão

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This video shows several accidents on Baja Aragon 2008.    When the video starts, Hiroshi Masuoka can already be seen with the Mitsubshi MPR14 having some fun gardening in the Monegros Desert, Aragon.  The Mitsubishi MPR14  was a first development of a Diesel prototype by the official Japanese team to try to make opostion to the growing power of the X-Raid BMW diesel powered cars, and was on this race just for testing purposes.
Not much damage was done to the MPR14 that was still strugling to get out of the odd position where it find himself after the crash when the Portuguese Bernardo Moniz da Maia arrived to the same place and also had is share of gardening.  Unfortunally Moniz da Maia crashed the BMW in to the Mitsubishi and the extreme heat of the car set the dry grass on fire...  The rest you can imagine, both cars were barbecued in one that should be most expensive fire in recent times regarding rally-raid racing.

Video: Autopista.es

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The young lady driver Cristina Guitierrez showed here that doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman to produce a spectacular crash.  To much speed in a slippery corner and the result was a lot of work for the mechanics.

Video: Carlos Pérez Andrade

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Dakar 2018: Bryce Menzies in the 2WD X-Raid Buggy learned in 2018 Dakar rally that there are some small differences bettwen the USA Trophy Trucks and FIA cars, specially in the suspension.  As for the carnage and destruction they can sustain they are same. No injuries, team retired after the accident. Bryce Menzies 0 - Dakar Rally 1

Video: Dakar

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Dakar 2015:  Super scary and spectacular accident of Juan M Silva, in the 7h stage of 2015 Dakar rally.  Driver only got a "washing machine treatment" with no injuries, but unfortunally co-driver had an injury in one foot.
Top marks for show and gymnastics, but the race ended here.

Video uploaded to youtube by: Limbero

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