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Racing is in constant mutation and evolution.  Today's cars are very different from the ones raced just some years ago. A big part of this evolution will be the change for another type of power source, leaving behind the fossil fuels.

In the recent years one team raced a full electric car at the Dakar rally, but the trend is not new and started long ago.  Back in 2011 one team was already trying hard to race an electric car. Still, power consumption was and still is a big problem and batteries should be recharged by long time. Today it is not near perfect, and in that time was even worste. The need to recharge was the cause of insucess of their project, because their way to get power in the car mean they could not reach the end of any race simply because the recharge procedures mean not only the destruction of the car but also from the power grid.

We will show you today a sucessfully recharge of batteries... and the consequente car and power grid destruction.

In this "electrifing" operation no one got hurt.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: maszattv

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