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Many people don't agree with the “size does matter” theory.  Also, many are against it, especially those in the smaller categories. Others say that it’s not really the size that is important, but the skill you have to manage your vehicle is the most important detail.   Some more recent approaches to the topic are less conservative, and don't even care about the vehicle but more with other tools, some even electric. Then there are the radicals, who don't even want to hear about it, they don't care if the people in charge is good or not, they are simply against it. A small group of fans say that in fact these are too big and that they damage the track too much compared to the fun they give.
Despite all these theories and personal feelings, no one denies that a big one will always have the "WOW" factor, especially for those who have never seen such a big vehicle crashing. 
Trucks are the biggest vehicles in rally-raid and by far the most impressive. To see one crashing, especially at speed, will always impress anyone seeing it. Today we show you the crash of the truck of Hans Becx back at Dakar 2011.   No one got hurt and the team continued their way.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: northcapequest


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