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Crashing in perfection is a fine art that takes years to perfect. We already spoke several times about it in this crazy series, and one detail that we noticed is that many of the experts of this art don't need speed, and when they find a good spot they will rarely miss a chance to exhibit all their grace and style crashing.

Today we show you the work of a master of this art, who pulled a spectacular accident at a very slow speed without damaging too much his truck or injuring anyone inside.  Maybe the biggest problem was to return all the pieces and bits he carried in the back of his truck to their right places since this was an assistance truck. But no one knows if they are fans of Lego and this was just an idea to enjoy some quality time finding the right spot for each nut and bolt they spread in and around the truck.


Video uploaded to Youtube by: o49z7X3boRo

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