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Imagine yourself, enjoying your race with your co-driver, having fun, raising dust from the road when suddenly "Lady Bad Luck" elegantly or less elegantly takes a seat in your vehicle. When this happens, you should know your *!#$!ed, and the better you should do is to find the best place to crash (take a look at our previous posts), tighten your belts and enjoy the ride... because things are about to get interesting.

Today we show you a recent example of such an event. Unfortunately, this team only found out that "Lady Bad Luck" was travelling with them too late, when they saw the road on the opposite position to where it should be.  

For those who don't understand Portuguese, the few words you can hear in this video is "Get out of the car" and we do suspect that they are talking with that unpleasant lady, to whom they also directed some nice words like "s#$%t" and "#$SS&$#".

Let's them see what happened...

Video uploaded to youtube by: rallybr

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