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A reoccuring topic in our series "Don't try this at home" is the importance of a well-chosen place to have a crash.  But let's suppose that you have already mastered this skill and want to improve to the next level, something like the "black belt of crashing".

To achieve this next level you should be sure that you got all the necessary features: public, cameras and a safe place to crash where you achieve high marks for spectacle and can still leave the wreckage without any injuries, and if possible, still be able to continue the race. 

With all the basic features in place, the next step is to get something extra, like ensuring your stunt is broadcasted to all 4 corners of the world fast, what for that, and no better place exists than in front of a live camera.  

We will show you here an example of what are we talking about: the "extra feature" here is having a reporter in place making a live update to the classifications, that promptly made himself available for a flash interview.

Alexey Berdinskikh and his co-driver Kirill Shubin were having a nice drive with their Can-Am Maverick at the recent Silk Way Rally, when they found the perfect spot for a crash and pulled out this impressive stunt in front of the reporter of ATV Club.  The crew escaped unharmed, and managed to finish not only the stage but also the rally, the latter one in a very impressive 7th place overall.  

Video uploaded to Youtube by: BRP FORMULA 7

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