Stage 7: La Paz – Uyuni 
Total: 727 km – Special stage: 425 km

After a rest day in La Paz, the Dakar has restarted towards the Altiplano, to the Salar de Uyuni. This special stage of 425 km was again, a very difficult timed section, extremely hard physically and without any assistance at the arrival to the bivouac of Uyuni, the first part of the marathon stage. Lucio and Robert must get to business to repair the Toyota Overdrive and get it ready for tomorrow. Uyuni-Tupiza, the second part of the marathon stage, will be 500 km. But today, Lucio had knives between his teeth, and, even with stopping to help Ten Brinke, he takes the 6th place of the stage and climbs to 10th overall in the provisional ranking.

Lucio Alvarez / Robert Howie #318: 6th in the provisional ranking of the stage in 5h18’15 – 10th in the provisional overall ranking: 

“Today’s special stage was really hard, lots of off-road with camel herb, sand – happily wet because of the rain, hence, more solid – and river crossing. In one very big river, and full of water, we hit the front-axle and messed up the car body. Then, towing Ten Brinke, who was in the mud we broke a semi-axis on the back right. That made upset and we lost at least 4 minutes in the adventure of trying to repair it. But, we are in Uyuni, and tomorrow it will be another big journey”

Source official press release
Photo ©Marian Chitka