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Peruvian dunes receive the title “My Lord the Dune”

The third stage aren't bringing any real troubles for Michiel Becx and Edwin Kuijpers. Because they have to start as 55th, between cars and trucks, the track has suffered a lot. The massive dunes in Peru, a bit of inexperience and helping other competitior result in about three hour time loss.

Most of the delay for Becx were caused by the state of the dunes:

"There were quite some vehicles past already when we got there. The first part wasn't really complicated, but then we had to face the dunes. What we saw there was unbelievable. We haven't been able to test this so we were a bit afraid we would fail. That is why we were almost stuck for a long time. There were dune pits so broken that we had to improvise and we were thinking: this is impossible. But with the power of the MitJet it was nog bad at all!"

Except the dunes, which are receiving a massive respect from Kuijpers, Becx was also the victim of other people’s mistakes.

"That is why we were waiting in a rio because someone couldn't get out. Then you are just standing, so we tried the power of the MitJet once more to get out and it worked. We have also helped someone, together with Erik Wevers, who lied upside down. So, it was an exciting day, but without trouble!"

Tomorrow will be the first part of the marathon stage, but Kuijpers needs to process the dunes first:

"That huge, amazing. These cannot be called dunes anymore. No, this is My Lord the Dune. They all have the same name, but I respect them more than ever. We need to drive 450 kilometres to the bivouac, so I have some time to process it."

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