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While ASO keeps being silent about the next year's route of the Dakar Rally, the number of rumours, comments and social media posts keep increasing day by day about the possibility of the new edition of the "world's hardest race" taking place in the Middle East.

Just a few days ago we reported about the very strong possibility for the Dakar 2020 to be held in Saudi Arabia and Jordania, but recently Egypt joined to the "group" of possible host countries. This time it was a social media post made by Brazilian Reinaldo Varela and the defending Dakar champion Nasser Al-Attiyah who added more wood to the fire. In this post, the two famous drivers said that next year's Dakar Rally would take place in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.

The crescendo of news about the Middle East possibility completely obliterated the previous version about Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa to be the hosts of a much more southern route.  Some wise men say that when there is smoke, there is a fire burning somewhere, but until ASO speaks out and reveals the route, all options remain open, including staying in South America or even returning to Africa but to other destinations, like Algeria.

In this video uploaded to Youtube by Paulo Alves you can see both drivers making the revelation

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