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In our latest blog post we presented you three "old ladies" that are still racing in Portugal and making their owners proud.  The ones we presented back then have their "blood line" well defined - two are french (Uh-la-la), and the other is an old Japanese "samurai" - Read the article here.

Today we bring you a different friend. This one has in her genes many different things: Her hearth is japanese, but she was born and raised in South Africa, and her mind and soul is Portuguese. Let us present you today the Nissan Navara V8, owned by the Portuguese company Newspeed.  

This car was built for a well-defined purpose: To race in biggest desert rallies of the world. From the moment she was only a project in the mind of her creators until our days it remains like that - a desert racer.  She loves the open spaces, where the petrol and air runs thought her huge and powerful V8 engine allowing it to reach 331hp and more than 490 Nm of torque.  This "young lady" lives in a dimension of her own, and to take her to the limits her driver should be brave and fearless, but also respectful and caring. 

While she does not return to the desert, the Japanase-African-Portuguese pick up spends her days racing at Portuguese championship.  Maybe she will  travel once or twice to foreign lands during the year and this means that she needs to have the correct settings to tackle the twisty and narrow roads of the European events, very different from the African desert races or the Dakar.  To be better prepared for the challenges ahead she traveled to our test track ( A privattly own space that we run with our partners from X-Adventure in Portugal) with where her actual driver - Miguel Casaca to spend a full day testing it and seeking for new and better settings.

Testing is almost like a dance, where you repeat the moves until perfection, and boy, does this young lady loves to dance. Maybe is her "exotic" mix of genes that make this pick-up so special and wild. The V8 roar woke up even the most sleepy of the eucalyptus from the forest that surrounds the track, while pushing the car to near her top speed over the many bumps and jumps of the track.  The highly evolved suspension kept everything under control, while still allowing the driver for huge amounts of (unexpected) fun at this test in huge slides or very long jumps.  

The day passed quickly, almost so fast like the car passed in front of us time and time again.  At the end of the day all goals for the test were achieved, and the Nissan returned home to be washed and prepared for her next appointment at Reguengos de Monsaraz.  And while the darkness brought back the silence to the Eucalyptus forest, we were at home enjoying the many amazing photos of this test that we will share with you here.


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Scroll down to view all photos in this article and the video of the test.




Nissan testing at our test track

Looks like we have a new friend in our test track! X-Adventure / RRN track is avaiable for testing purposes... if you dare to come and challenge it!

Publicado por The Rally-Raid Network em Sábado, 21 de Abril de 2018

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