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Our adventure began on 26 April 2017, when we registered our address, and on the same day, the first version of Rally-Raid Network was made public. Starting with a blank page, but with a clear focus, we set our goals and path for the Rally-Raid Network project. Many hours spent, some sleepless nights, many articles published (including press releases, results, entry lists, blog posts, news... ) and  much of work done for our sport  brought us to where we are today, a world-wide known project that is much more than a simple news site.

Our headquarters are located in Portugal and Hungary, but Rally-Raid Network is a world wide project with active members in Russia and Poland, and other countries will follow soon.

Our most visible work is our portal available at www.rallyraidnetwork.com,  that from the first version we showed you in April 2017,  already suffered several evolutions and modifications, following not only what we thought was right, but also taking into account the comments we got from many friends and fans from all over the world.  And because the evolution never stops, expect some upgrades in the near future.

WWW.RALLYRAIDNETWORK.COM  is actually the most complex portal of its kind exclusively dedicated to cross-country rallies, following not only the big rally-raids, FIA and FIM events, but also many championships from all over the world, including Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Russia where we are present, and also Spain, Angola, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Morocco, the Middle East Region, China, Turkey, Greece, Australia and more.

But we do not limit our work to just our portal. For example, during the past year, we established several partnerships and cooperation agreements with teams, organisers, races, and even with some championships like the Portuguese CNTT, the Angolan CARR or with the Super SSV Trophy.  And among all the members, we work in media and organisation of more than 20 events of different kinds.

Short time after we gone "live" with site,  we also started a cooperation system called "Prepare my Race", meant to facilitate many of the issues of racing abroad. Already in place and working for several events, any team or organiser can request this kind of help and we will use our network of partners to provide the necessary services to anyone who needs them, including race assistance, management, press, media, race car renting, accommodation, tyres, travelling and more. By rule, we don't mention the ones we help, unless they ask for it, and for this reason we will not speak about individual cases, but we count already several cases of success and where our intervention was extremely valuable for the ones who requested it.

One part of our project that surprised us by the sucess it had, was our "Directory", an ever growing section where we plan to include each and everyone who has an activity related to cross-country rallies, even the ones working in the same area as we, since we don't think they are our adversaries, but instead, our partners in promoting and helping in the growth of cross-country rallies. In our directory we have information about organisers, teams, service providers, parts suppliers, media and many more. To be represented in the Directory means to be accessible to your partners and costumers in the rally-raid world at no cost, and if you aren't there yet, please contact us soon. The regular page is FREE, but if it's not enough for your goals, we are at your disposal for discussing premium options.

Rally-Raid Network has even opened a test track in Portugal, that we run in cooperation with the local X-Adventure. And we do have plans to open one or two more alternatives both in Portugal. 

We invite all to be part of Rally-Raid Network. Simple gestures could have a great effect, like sharing our news and posts about your local events, or like sending us your news from your race, your team or your championship (preferably in English).  

Despite all our sucess in this first year, where all our targets were met, we still have our feet on solid ground and keep the necessary objectivity and modesty. We do not hide or pretend that we are smarter than we are, and we already needed to pull back from some ideas or test we've made. 

To be brutally honest, most of our friends think we all are crazy. To start with such an ambitious project from zero, without any kind of major support or sponsoring, using only our capabilities, experience and tools, is something not many will dare. And we could use some support - it would make our work easier, faster and more effective, and whoever supports us will be part of a unique and exciting project.  

We are climbing this rope by hand, and for sure we can fall any moment... The problem is that in one year we really climbed a lot, and now, looking back down is kind of scary, so we only look up and we will climb even harder during the next year, until our second anniversary. 

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