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During the years, specially in the 90's, Baja de Portalegre, a product of the genius of José Megre and his organization,  gained a status among racers and fans that just a few other races of this kind the world can be proud to have.  In Portugal, the image of this race is so speciall that stands out very high appart any other event and become legendary.
Today races are very diferent, the evolution of the sport and the relentless passing brought many changes.  Some details of this evolution are very good, others we can't say the same. But this is like anywhere else in the world, in other race, in other sports. 
Many of the new generations could ask themselves what made Baja Portalegre so special. Why do the memories live so clear in the minds of those lucky ones that raced the first editions or the many others that waited on side of the race track during hours for the hundreds of cars and motorbikes year after year, many times under severe cold and rain.  The truth is that there is no clear reason for that or just one motive that stands out in the midle of the rest. Like a virus, this race entered in the blood and soul of many, and it is a permanent feature on the calendar for them like is christmas or new year.  Each person could give you a very diferent justification, but we belive that until you go to Portugal, and spend 2 or 3 days on the side of the race track, among the locals you will never trully understand.  From new to old, no matter what their gender is, many people go to assist to the race, installing themselves on the side of the road like the best camper in the world, with all they have the right: tents, chairs, tables, freezers, a wood fire, a lot of food and of course, with some of the "natural liquids" from the region. 
If we give a look to the participants side, many could tell you that what attracts them is the challenge this race imagined by José Megre and his team is.  Others will tell you the quality of the organization, and others will even  mention the huge entry list. Again you will find hard to get a consensual answer.
We will not dare to try to explain why this race is so loved. For the moment we just want to call your attention to some amazing videos from the race of year of 1990. 
Sit down, relax, grab a drink and enjoy:

Videos published on youtube by REPORVIDEO Digital

Part 1 of 6
{youtube wJ-kUC52U8c}

Part 2 of 6
{youtube nAoYZUVyalI}

Part 3 of 6
{youtube N23uJj4Sgik}

Part 4 of 6
{youtube nBUvXNFukiw}

Part 5 of 6
{youtube UZntAaaq_OQ}

Part 6 of 6
{youtube a1n0DEozEQ0}

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