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UPDATED on 20/02/2019

12.04.2019 to 13.04.2019 2 FIA CEZ,1 RMPST, 1 MMCR, 1 RPPST, 1 PPRB Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie 2019 Fundacja "BAJA POLAND" Drawsko Pomorskie
07.06.2019 to 09.06.2019 2 RMPST, 2 RPPST, 2 PPRB 1. Kłodzki Rajd Samochodów Terenowych Automobilklub Ziemi Kłodzkiej Kłodzko
02.08.2019 to 04.08.2019 6 FIA-CEZ, 3 RMPST, 2 MMCR, 3 RPPST, 3 PPRB 39. Rajd Polskie Safari  Automobilklub Polski Przasnysz
29.08.2019 to 01.09.2019 6 FIA WCCB, 7 FIA-CEZ, 4 RMPST, 3 MMCR, 4 RPPST, 4 PPRB Columna Medica Baja Poland 2019 Fundacja "BAJA POLAND" Szczecin, Dobra, Drawsko Pomorskie
20.09.2019 to 22.09.2019 8 FIA-CEZ, 5 RMPST, 4 MMCR, 5 RPPST, 5 PPRB Baja Szczecinek Stowarzyszenie Młośników Turystyki Aktywnej ORE Szczecinek
25.10.2019 to 27.10.2019 6 RMPST, 6 RPPST, 6 PPRB Baja Europe   Żagań / Szprotawa

Columna Medica Baja Drawsko is the opening round of the cross-country rally season in Poland. It also counts for the Central European Zone Championship (FIA-CEZ) and Czech Republic Championship. Usually it is a “grand opening”, considering the long route of the rally (about 300km) and big number of competitors from Poland and abroad, who come here to race.
The HQ of the rally is located in Drawsko Pomorskie – a nice town situated in North-West Poland, Farther Pomerania region. This area is characterised by varied terrain, numerous lakes and beautiful forests. The rally takes place on nearby Drawsko Pomorskie Military Training Centre, which is the biggest military area in Poland. Thanks to its great equipment, this military area often hosts soldiers from all NATO countries, who come here for training. Beside Columna Medica Baja Drawsko also Baja Poland takes place here, which is a round of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. This area offers excellent conditions for cross-country rallies for all types of vehicles – from bikes to trucks. 
The rally itself offers competitors perfectly prepared route with long timed sections and short road sections. Long and straight sandy or gravel parts give an opportunity to go “flat-out”. Hard, but winding forest tracks require precision in driving. Navigators also have to be vigilant, as numerous twists and turns may end up in missing a junction. It all takes place in a beautiful scenery of fragrant spring forests and sandy open spaces, what makes the rally very attractive also for the fans.
2018 edition of Columna Medica Baja Drawsko will be held on 6th and 7th of April (Friday and Saturday). Friday is dedicated to administrative checks and scrutineering, with the prologue in the afternoon, and the main part of the rally, consisting of two long special stages, will take place on Saturday. 
The rally is organized Baja Poland Foundation.


ul. Migdałowa 1A
PL 72-003 Dobra

Rally Office:
Sandra Nowakowska
+48 516 184 854

Website: http://bajadrawsko.pl/
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bajadrawsko/


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Columna Medica Safari Rally is a new-old rally in Polish Cross-Country Rally Championship calendar. New, because it has a new name and takes place in a new location. Old, as it replaces former Warsaw Safari. Old or new, it will definitely be a rally different from the others. Columna Medica Safari Rally is the 2nd round of Polish Cross-Country Rally Championship and Polish Cross-Country Rally Cup, as well as Polish Bajas Cup, and also the 3rd and 4th round of Czech Republic Cross-Country Rally Championship. It will take place on 25-26 May in Drawsko Pomorskie.

Columna Medica Safari Rally replaces Warsaw Safari, which used to be held in June in Warsaw. So, in fact, it is a new rally in Polish Cross-Country Rally Championship calendar, as it takes place in May in Drawsko Pomorskie. But not only the date and the place are new – also the rally’s formula is a novelty. Columna Medica Safari Rally is a rally for competitors, what’s obvious, but also for their families, friends and fans. It aims at integration of “cross-country rally family”, alongside with hard racing. The racing may even be harder than in other rallies, as organisers prepared some offroad surprises on the route. 

Drawsko Pomorskie Military Training Area is definitely the best place in Poland for organising cross-country rallies. It’s vast, so there are many possible combinations of routes, and the varied terrain is ideal for checking competitors’ and their cars’ abilities. Wide sandy spaces and narrow forest tracks are the main characteristics of this area. Rally HQ will be located in Drawsko Pomorskie in the same place as in Columna Medica Baja Drawsko, but the location of service park is completely new. Not only mechanics will have something to do there – organisers prepared many attractions for fans, even the youngest ones.

Columna Medica Safari Rally will start on 25 May with administrative checks and scrutineering. In the afternoon the start ceremony will take place in the centre of Drawsko Pomorskie, and right after that the competitors present themselves to the audience tackling the 12 km prologue. It will be a good warm-up before… an evening party. ;) For Saturday (26 May), organisers prepared a 102 km special stage, run twice. Prize-giving ceremony will take place in the evening in the service park. 

Entries for Columna Medica Safari Rally are already open and will close on 11th May. 

The rally is organized by M-FOR SPORT in cooperation with Baja Poland Foundation.
The Polish 2018 season of cross country rallies already has the races and dates defined.  In total 7 races will make this year's championship, with Baja Drawsko and Baja Poland being also part of the FIA - Central Europe Zone cup.  Baja Poland will also be part of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.

06-08.04.2018 - Baja Drawsko (1 round) - Fundacja BAJA POLAND - Polish Championship and FIA CEZ
27-29.04.2018 - Baja Carpathia (2nd round) -  Automobilklub Rzeszowski - Polish Championship
25-27.05.2018 - Rajd Safari (3rd round) - Fundacja BAJA POLAND - Polish Championship
03-05.08.2018 - Rajd Polskie Safari (4th round) -  Automobilklub Polski - Polish Championship
30.08-02.09.2018 - Baja Poland (5th round)  - Fundacja BAJA POLAND - Polish Championship, FIA CEZ and FIA World Cup
28-30.09.2018 - Baja Szczecinek (6th round)  -  Stowarzyszenie ORE - Polish Championship
19-21.10.2018 - Baja Żagań (7th round) -  Stowarzyszenie „Grupa 4x4” - Polish Championship

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