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Rally-Raid Network profile:  An ever growing platform for cross-country rally sport
Rally-Raid Network is one of world's leaders in cross-country rally news and contents. Still young, our portal is already a premier destination for visitors seeking fresh news and contents about races from all over the world.
Beside the big events like Dakar Rally, Africa Eco Race, Silk Way Rally, Takliman Rally and all rounds of the FIA World Cup and FIM World Championship, we also cover races from most of the national championships, including Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Morocco, Angola, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, China, the UAE, Australia and more. This comprehensive approach is one of the things that makes us stand out.

Different from traditional media
Comprehensive coverage is just one of our strengths. We are actually aiming much higher, to bring teams, organizers and other parties active in or around our sport in one way or another to one global platform where they can find each other no matter where they are located in the world.
We work for the sport and with the sport, in an effort at a global scale to help to improve the sport and make it more accessible and recognized as one of the most exciting and demanding forms of motorized adventures.

Our motto is: let’s make cross-country rallies great again!
Our audience: Loyal and interested

Rally Raid Network functions as a connection between the sport and the destination of choice to connect your brand with a global audience of motorsport fans and professionals who are influential consumers.
Not only the fans follow our portal on a regular basis: those involved in cross-country rallies, from drivers and riders, team managers and mechanics, to organizers and press officers, all come to visit us to keep updated about races and evens from all over the world.

We have an active role in the sport for a long time and we know that sometimes normal advertising is simply not enough, something more is needed to be able to find a client and close a deal successfully. We can give you this extra something.
We can tailor our many opportunities to suit your needs, from passive advertising with just an article on the site, to an active role where we seek costumers for you using our global network, and even to integrate your goods or services in our global program "Prepare your race".

No limit on text length, number of photos and links
Possibility to include video and audio 
Possibility to include download links for documents, brochures or other media that you consider relevant
Possibility to expand your ad to our network, including media and other relevant sites under our control

Some words about Rally-Raid Network team:
We are different. Our involvement in the sport is deep and goes back to long time. Beside working hard in media in our many platforms, we also are racing team members, press officers, race officials, photographers, managers and we even organize racing and touring events. We are part of the sport at many levels, so we have a better understanding of your needs than anyone else.

Contact us:
Rally-Raid Network has a wide range of services and options available tailored to reach your marketing and advertising objectives. 
In order to know more and get our latest media kit please contact us via:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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