Your help is needed!

Your help is needed!

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First of all, thank you for clicking on the link and coming to read these lines.

Yes it is true, we need your help and our other visitors. A small donation from each of you is enough to help us.

The previous version of this text explained what we wanted: We have high costs with our server and software to keep the site running. It is true that we have some partners and also Google advertising, but they are very low values, and people prefer to have an ad-blocker than help a small site like ours which reduces us even more revenue.
We managed to cope with these costs by selling the photos we're getting in the races where we go, but our main camera we used in races has broken down, it's already many years old and many thousands of photos. Its repair does not make up for the cost, and we were advised to replace it so that we could continue working.

What we are asking for is a small donation so that you can help us support the cost of this new camera and so we can also keep the RRN alive and in good health.   

 In any case, we are receptive to alternative solutions that can make things easier and help us to achive the goal of keep the site going.  So the solution we found is not the only one for sure. Maybe you have one better. Let us know please.

We don't live from the RRN, but it lives from us, and if we can't do more, we'll have to suspend or even close. Help us avoid that. 

Thank you again.

Our photography site is 

Thank you all.



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