Red-Lined unveils Rally Raid supercar

All-new Red-Lined REVO T1+ is the ultimate privateer weapon

Dakar 2023 FIA T1 Class winners, Red-Lined Motorsport has launched its all new REVO T1+ rally raid supercar. The Kyalami, South Africa based race car manufacturer bills its new flagship as the ultimate privateer weapon, sophisticated enough to chase the best in the world, but uncomplicated and practical enough to manage without needing a factory team and budget behind it.

“Our all-new Red-Lined REVO T1+ blends the Dakar winning strength and reliability of our T1 winning VK Series race cars with the performance, speed, and agility of our later generation REVO T1. Best of all, it’s all wrapped up in the new T1+ spec big wheels and long travel suspension, to deliver the ultimate non-factory FIA Dakar T1+ class racer,” Red Lined CEO Terence Marsh explains. “All four of our VK series race cars successfully finished the 2023 Dakar coming home in first, second, fourth and fifth overall in the T1 class. “Our T1 spec REVO has meanwhile been in great form against the finest Rally Raid crews in the South African championship. “Now Red-Lined Motorsport has taken all of that collective knowledge and experience to build our fearsome new REVO T1+.”

The Red-Lined REVO T1+ can be ordered with either our tried and tested and non-complicated normally aspirated V8 VK56 engine, or the more sophisticated 3.8-litre GT-R twin turbo V6 engine. Whatever your choice, the Red-Lined REVO T1+ uses a MOTEC engine management system with dual radiator, alternator and battery systems.

The Red-Lined REVO T1+ is equipped with the latest generation SADEV 6 speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive system. It has the full 350 mm FIA T1+ specification Rieger double shock absorber suspension on each corner and rides on 37-inch BFGoodrich KDR2+ tyres and Evo Coarse 17-inch wheel rims fitted together with water cooled PowerBrake callipers all round.

“There’s huge international demand for competitive T1+ rally raid race cars, as proven by our first 8 orders for normally aspirated REVO T1+ machines and this on our reputation alone,” Terence Marsh concludes. “This new T1+ car is basically a rally raid supercar designed to be the ultimate non factory T1+ racer available anywhere.
Fast enough to dare take on the factory teams, yet economical and practical enough to race with a reasonable sized team and budget, the Red-Lined REVO T1+ is 100% targeted at professional race teams and businessman drivers around the world.”


Source: Red-Lined Motorsport