Africa Race 2024: Pascal Feryn wins the penultimate stage!


To put it in the words of Erik Van Looy: it happened! Pascal Feryn and Kurt Keysers won the penultimate stage of the Africa Eco Race on Saturday afternoon. Teammate and friend Koen Wauters had said on Monday, when he left for Belgium, that Pascal and Kurt should go for it. And look. Team Feryn Dakar Sport has taken its second stage victory. Pascal Feryn dedicates the stage victory to his deceased son Maxim and to Jackie Loomans, who died last Saturday and whose car he is driving in this rally.

One week ago, Koen Wauters won his first stage in a rally raid. The same day, Jackie Loomans, the man who introduced him to the Dakar in 1996, died. One week later, on the day that Jackie Loomans is buried, Pascal Feryn wins his first stage in a rally raid. Pascal Feryn does this with the car he bought last year from Jackie Loomans. "It's unbelievable. I am so happy with the stage victory,” says Pascal Feryn in an initial response. “I was keen and really wanted to take part in a stage. But there is a long way between wanting and being able to do so. I started this morning with the knife between my teeth. In the first dune strip of about 5 km I took some risks. This was followed by a sand track where there was constant twisting and turning, followed by another 3 km of dunes. I first passed Sousa and then I caught Loubet, who had started four minutes before me. It's an incredible feeling. I dedicate this victory to my deceased son Maxim, who was always there and who everyone from our team holds in his heart. We made a logo for him and it is on all our vehicles. And of course I also dedicate this victory to Jackie Loomans. Thank you Jackie, thank you.”

Koen Wauters left the competition on Monday to play a series of concerts as part of De Vrienden van Amstel. Koen Wauters is happy for his friend. “It was coming. Pascal felt better every day in the car. When I left the race he told me that he would rather drive conservatively to secure his first place among the cars. I said: nothing, you have to use that car to the full, gas on it with just enough reserve. And look! Stage win! And that just on the day that we say goodbye to Jackie Loomans, whose car Pascal is now driving. This tribute is touchingly beautiful! Congratulations Pascal and Kurt.”

Pascal also had a message for his friend Koen Wauters. “Hey Koen, it is now & - 1 in the standings in terms of stage wins,” after which he started laughing loudly.

The last stage of this Africa Eco Race will be held on Sunday. It will be a 15 km trip to Lac Rose. Afterwards the winners can go on stage. It will be a beautiful and at the same time an emotional moment for everyone.


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Source: Feryn Dakar Sport.