Africa Race 2024: Pascal Feryn bites off steam


The tenth stage of the Africa Eco Race took participants from Amodjar to Akjoujt. It was literally and figuratively a stormy stage. Because of a sandstorm, the helicopters could not take off, the course management could not guarantee safety and the stage was shortened by 190 km. But there was also the story of a Frenchman who unsportingly wanted to force something. Pascal Feryn gave him a sporting beating.

On Friday night a storm blew up in the bivouac of Amodjar. "Around three o'clock last night I woke up. I just barely blew out of my tent," said Pascal Feryn. "I got up, tied my tent to the truck and went to sleep in the camion. This morning there was some chaos anyway. The wind was still blowing. The course management's helicopter was covered with a big layer of sand. In the end, the race direction decided to postpone the start. Via the public road we then drove to the starting point where it was a bit of an improvisation. Well, that's part of the game and has its charms. A little after noon we were able to leave for our stage."

Two stages remain for the riders. The denouement of the Africa Eco Race is near. Saturday is the last real stage. On Sunday, the last 15 km of the rally can be compared to the last Tour stage. There is no real racing then. If there were riders who still wanted to try something they had to do it today. And a game can be played sportsmanlike on leep. "My first pursuer came to me this morning and told me he would try anything to make up time. Obviously that's his right, that's how it goes in sports. Once the ride started, a baby carriage came in front of me and tried to make his dust difficult for me. Moments later he made a navigational error and I was off him. It may have been a combine by some other riders to lure me into the mistake. The words of my first pursuer and the act of the other guy in his golf cart inspired me. I stepped up a safe gear and rode a rock-solid ride in which I finished third. Carlos Vento, my first pursuer who wanted to make up time on me, got a few extra minutes. We still have two stages left. I definitely want to finish first car in Senegal on Sunday. We will stay focused and not let ourselves be done."

The truck of Tom De Leeuw, Cedric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman (Ginaf) finished 15th. In the standings, they remain 8th.


Automatic translation of the original text.
Source:  Feryn Dakar Sport's official press release