Africa Race 2024: Pascal Feryn: I have never conquered such a cordon in the dunes before

Team Feryn Dakar Sport has now completed 9 of the 12 stages of the Africa Eco Race. The Belgian fries from earlier this week tasted like never before. It is not known whether the same can be said about a Belgian beer on Thursday evening. The fact is that everyone on the team can pat themselves on the back: Team Feryn Dakar Sport once again performed excellently in the queen stage of this edition.

They're not thinking about the countdown yet, and they're right. They have to be concentrated every day. But after Thursday evening, 75% of the race has been completed, including the queen stage. Pascal Feryn and Kurt Keysers finished 7th. The position remains unchanged. Pascal and Kurt are 2nd in the open category of cars, trucks and SSVs and are still the leader among the cars.

“When I heard on Wednesday evening that 95 km of dunes were waiting for us, I had to swallow. In retrospect, all that stress was not necessary,” says Pascal Feryn from Amodjar's bivouac. “We lowered the tire pressure to 1.6 kilos this morning and drove well through the dreaded dunes. As usual, we could not follow those golf carts (the SSVs). And that is not necessary. They are lighter, more agile, and follow different paths. We drove our own course. We have been lucky a few times. You see the dune in front of you, but you never know what lies behind the dune. Well, sometimes it was exciting. After the dunes we had to deal with a kind of rally course in the sand. We drove a bit more economically there. The car had used up a lot in the dunes. When we reached the finish we only had about ten liters left in the tank. In that respect we had calculated it a little too narrowly. But tonight I am especially satisfied. We are not there yet, but the hardest part would be behind us.”

Tom De Leeuw, Cedric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman (Ginaf) finished 12th on Thursday. They move up to 8th place in the standings. Today too, they rode completely in function of their leaders Pascal and Kurt. Successfully!


Automatic translation of the original Team Feryn Dakar Sport's press release
Photo:  Diederd Esseldeurs