Fenix Rally 2024: Ready to conquer the Sahara and test your skills in the ultimate desert rally?


Fenix Rally invites you to an exceptional desert rally, ensuring the perfect blend of top-notch safety, intelligent organization, exotic vibes and reasonable pricing. It's the palpable sense of camaraderie, the spirit of a close-knit family that makes us unique. Get ready for a thrilling adventure amid the Sahara's challenging terrain, setting the stage for an ultimate test of skill and endurance.

Starting and finishing at the enchanting island of Djerba, the route covers a challenging 2000 kilometres, testing competitors' mettle across various desert terrains -from majestic landscapes to dunes, fesh-fesh, and fast gravel.

The Fenix Rally program begins with a Prologue to set the stage, followed by seven adventurous legs that traverse challenging desert terrains, with a dedicated rest day in between.

What sets Fenix Rally apart is our comprehensive rally package, delivering the fullest experience at the best price for a desert rally. From essential rally rights to the digital Roadbook and Nav GPS application, we've thought of everything. The package includes accommodation, meals, safety tracking systems, and personalized administrative essentials, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free rally experience.

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Source: Fenix Rally official press release