Africa Race 2024: Pascal Feryn and Koen Wauters play leapfrog

Africa Race 2024: Pascal Feryn and Koen Wauters play leapfrog

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Organization comes up with a different result Tuesday morning

Team Feryn Dakar Sport arrived safe and sound at the Mhamid bivouac on Wednesday evening. To get there, they completed a 425-km trek, including 383 km against the clock. The varied course consisted of dunes, boulders and included a challenging waypoint where many gritted their teeth. Also our team members. In the standings, Pascal Feryn (Toyota Hilux) has surpassed Koen Wauters (Toyota Hilux) in the lead for the cars. In the standings, they are sixth and seventh. Tom De Leeuw, Cedric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman (Ginaf) are 12th after two stages.

After a cold night with temperatures around freezing, the organization had another surprise in store. The chaos of the timekeeping during the first stage continued on Wednesday morning when it turned out that not Tom De Leeuw, C├ędric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman (Ginaf) had won the stage. After yet another nightly calculation, it turned out that the trio had eventually finished 12th instead of first. Koen Wauters and Pascal Feryn remained first and second among the cars and were fifth and sixth overall. Victory in the open category of cars, trucks an SSVs went to Spaniard Carlos Vento and his co-pilot Carlos Ruiz Moreno (Can-Am). In the motorcycles, no recount was necessary. Those times were in order.

Pascal Feryn and Kurt Keysers had a virtually flawless day. They finished ninth overall and first car. "Once we had to use the sand plates because we got stuck in the treacherous dunes of Merzouga," said Pascal Feryn. "Ten minutes later we were on the road again. Afterwards, I and a lot of other participants lost a lot of time searching for a waypoint. At one point we all stopped for a moment to have a meeting, so to speak. After conferring, everyone went their separate ways again. As one of the first riders we found that damned waypoint hidden behind a small dune. But hey, that's all part of the fun. We're having fun here, that's the main thing. The Toyota Hilux is a mighty "machine. A pleasure to drive and not at all comparable to our old Landcruiser."

In the standings after the second stage, Pascal Feryn is sixth and leading the cars. Koen Wauters is second in the standings and follows 16:05 from his teammate. Koen and Kris lost a lot of time searching for a waypoint. The duo had to settle for

the thirteenth time. "In all respects it was a varied day today," Koen Wauters begins his analysis. "The approach to the dunes of Merzouga was over a nice but fast track. Taking the dunes with this car was bliss. Surfing the dune crests just as Tom had explained it to me. It made me feel happy and smile. For a while, though, because a little further on, it was a lot less smooth. The organization had told me during the briefing on Tuesday that the navigation would be tough. They were right. With several participants we went into the forest, looking for a solution that did not come. There were tracks everywhere and time ticked by mercilessly. We easily lost an hour quarter there. Afterwards, the solution turned out to be very easy. Afterwards there was another cassant part on a technical track. But all in all, it was a beautiful stage where we, quite literally for a moment, lost our way north. For us this is a thorough test session. And it was very satisfying again today. On to tomorrow."

Tom De Leeuw, Cedric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman finished 14th on Wednesday. In the standings, they remain twelfth and third truck.


Automatic translation from the original Press release
Source: Eric Dupain /Team Feryn Dakar Sport
Photo:  Diederd Esseldeurs

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