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Fenix Rally 2023: new territories and new challenges

Fenix Rally 2023: new territories and new challenges

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8 racing days for the third edition of the desert marathon in Tunisia

The long awaited third edition of Fenix Rally will take place from 15 to 22 of March in Tunisia. The rally-raid marathon, which already set a new era of the desert competitions, will once again bring the competitors in the magnifique landscapes of the African country, including, most importantly, the Sahara Desert. And will offer many new things and brand-new desert experience.

What’s new? First of all, Fenix Rally 2023 will offer 8 racing days – one with qualification stage, usually known as prologue, and 7 full legs, with total distance of more than 2000 kilometers, with almost 1600 against the clock. This is a further step in the evolution of the race, which started with 6 days in 2021, followed by 7 rally days in 2022.

This time the worldwide known resort of Djerba will host the start of the rally, as well as the prologue, which will be straight at the sea coast. The Mediterranean city will offer its hospitality for the first days, and then the caravan will move directly in the desert in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, where will be the second camp. As usual, the beautiful city of Douz will host the last days of the competition and the award ceremony.

Eight fabulous days to race, starting with a prologue from the touristy beaches of Djerba to the beautiful Tunisian inland desert areas. The rally will offer various types of dunes, fesh-fesh and nice and fast gravel. Star Wars, the soft white sand of Sabria, the majestic Grand Erg Oriental, the twisty roads with oued crossings around Matmata and the grandiose dunes of Zmela will throw you from one element to the other”, race director Alex Kovatchev explained about the route of Fenix 2023. And added another interesting thing – the return of the marathon stage, which will bring only the competitors, without assistance teams, in a dedicated camp deep in Sahara.

Once again, over 100 racing vehicles from all classes – bikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks will pass under the arch in Djerba. Plus, several crews will taste the rally-raid feeling without the pressure of the chronometer in the Discovery category. Traditionally, many European countries will have their representatives on the racetrack, with well-known names, as well as debutants. But this year the rally is getting more and more popular in the host-country Tunisia, which is represented with a dozen of competitors.

The novelties don’t stop, as this year will mark the use of colorful roadbooks, where some dangerous and important points will be pointed in a special manner and all the others are marked in a way, to be easy read by the copilots.

Finally, all the competitors can count to great rally management, with accurate roadbooks, satellite tracking and first-class medical assistance with 4x4 vehicles and helicopters. Fenix Rally is marking the beginning of the RBI Series season, which will include also the legendary Breslau rally in Poland during the summer and Balkan Offroad in Romania in the beginning of October.


Source Fenix Rally

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