Fenix Rally 2024: new dates, new routes, new adventures

Fenix Rally 2024: new dates, new routes, new adventures

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The desert marathon starts with a prologue near Djerba

Fenix Rally 2024 is just on fuel, and everything is set up. The fourth edition of the competition, under the familiar slogan “Open the doorway to Sahara”, once again will attract participants from all over the Europe, as well as the hosting country Tunisia.

There are several novelties for this year’s rally, which will bring more interesting things to everybody. Apart from the new dates, it will be a new itinerary for the rally, starting and finishing in the beautiful resort of Djerba. This year there will be a total of 9 nine racing days – a prologue, 7 selective legs and another novelty - rest day in the middle of the race.

The total length of the route will be over 2100 kilometers, with some 1625 of them against the clock. The start ceremony and the prologue will be in Djerba, from where the caravan will move to Douz. After a day around Douz, the racers will go on a marathon stage in the hearth of the desert, where will be set up dedicated camp only for them, with the assistance crews staying in Douz. After the return to the city, then all the caravan of Fenix Rally 2024 will transfer to the famous Ksar Ghilane oasis for a deserved rest day and party.

The race will restart with a special stage in the region of Ksar Ghilane and after will move back to Djerba. After the last selective section in the surroundings of the Mediterranean resort, there will be known the new rulers of the desert in the different classes – bikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks.

Speaking of the different vehicles, there will be total 90 in the different classes. Once again, the lightweight SSV buggies will be the biggest crow in the rally, followed by the bikes. There will be many known names, but also a big number of debutants, desiring to test one of the best organized rally raids, under the command of Alex Kovatchev and his international orga crew of RBI. „Al the competitors can expect an adrenaline-fueled journey through new, awe-inspiring routes, an exciting prologue, and a dedicated rest day with bivouac relocation. This will ensure more time for the competitors to catch their breath from the competition and to enjoy the time in socializing. Marathon stage. 4-star hotels plus 2 days in bivouac “Breslau“ type plus “1001 night” experience in the heart of the desert and much more", said Mr. Kovatchev.

Last year the RBI Sport crew introduced the digital road book on Rallye Breslau and on Balkan Offroad Rally in parallel to the printed paper book and collected valuable experience about performance, reliability and integrity of the new technology throughout the competitors of all classes. The acceptance was great and the benefits were to be seen right from the start, so the new technology played significant role of improving and facilitating the navigation.

The great results of 2023 but also following the good example of FIA and FIM, encouraged RBI to make a significant step into the digital future. RBI Sport and Geotraq committed to a huge technological, intellectual and financial investment that, they believe, will turn to be a gamechanger in the off-road sport and will mark the progress for years ahead.

And the team present the project IRIS – not just an electronic device, but a complex and fully integrated system, built as a living organism. IRIS incorporates all major processes during a rally – Navigation with digital road book and NAV-GPS for validation of waypoints, GPS Tracking and bi-directional transmitting of real time data between rally vehicles and Rally Control, Car-to-Car communication via radio for instant SOS alarms, hazard warnings and overtaking, Crash detection and g-force analyses, Verbal Communication to and from the competitor’s vehicle via a messaging system and voice call* (in very near future) and what will follow very soon will bring the safety to a whole new orbit. IRIS will be able to collect and transmit valuable biometrical data of the health status of the competitors that will be transmitted directly to the Chief Medical Officer in case of an accident and will keep monitoring the injured till medical help arrives and takes over.

Together with that, motorbike and ATV riders will have the possibility to trigger an SOS alarm and send their location by a personal tracker attached to the body. Definitely great future ahead! The first development stage of IRIS will be used at Fenix Rally 2024 only for CARS, SSVs and TRUCKS. These classes will receive a 10-inch tablet device with mounting bracket for the dashboard, power supply cable from the battery and a remote control* (phase one). The road books for these classes will be in digital form only and will be displayed on the IRIS device. All amendments and changes to the road books will be done by the organizer and the amended versions will be ready to use on the tablets. IRIS is working as a NAV-GPS at the same time.

So, let’s see what Fenix Rally 2024 will offer us. The first step is the prologue, which will give a taste of what will happen for the rest of the week. After a very short liaison across the bridge to Tunisia’s mainland, the participants will dive into a mind-blowing mix of tracks. A short prologue, only 40 kilometers, but it will be packed with interesting variety of surfaces: fast gravel paste, small off-road tracks, and sand! As a bonus, the racers will drive along the magnificent coast with beautiful rocky cliffs towards the finish of this selective section.


Source: RBI / Fenix Rally

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