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MDC 2024: An anniversary edition

MDC 2024: An anniversary edition

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In 2024, our rally caravan will be crossing the desert for the 15th time. Something we're going to celebrate! (MDC 15 years / Gert 50 years).

What started in 2008 as a small adventure in Libya, due to the cancellation of the Dakar, has today grown into the 2nd largest rally-raid in the world and the largest rally on African soil.

Libya was just the very beginning, and although the beauty of the country could greatly charm the rally pioneers, after 2 editions the political situation no longer allowed international events to be organised there. After a brief sidestep into Tunisia in 2010 and 2012, we found our permanent base in Morocco in 2013. The next 7 editions, the number of participants grew and consequently so did the organisation. Until in March 2020, just before the start of the rally, the world went into lockdown. A year later, Morocco still kept its borders closed and Tunisia again offered a worthy alternative. But as powerful as the dunes of El Borma are, the lure of the more varied, Moroccan desert still proved stronger and after 2 editions in Tunisia, we finally returned to our favourite host country this year.

14 rallies in 3 different countries and a steady growth in participants gradually made the organisation more and more professional. Perfectly compiled road books, navigation with the GPS UNIK by ERTF, Sentinel, Iritrack, and FIA/FIM standards in terms of safety are part of the basis of the high-quality competition we have been able to organise for several years now. But we don't do all that without losing sight of our roots and original concept. The team spirit, camaraderie, the focus on amateurs and the atmosphere in the bivouac remain equally important pillars. We will remain true to our values, including next year, during our 15th Anniversary Edition.


More than two weeks ago we opened registrations for the Morocco Desert Challenge 2024. Partly thanks to the return to the legendary “Coast to Coast” route, we can already count on great interest. The pre-corona hype of a few years ago, in which no less than 707 people registered on August 1, may have died down somewhat, but the new figures already seem to be evolving towards a “full house” edition in April 2024. (The limit of 200 on the maximum number of competition vehicles will also contribute).

The fastest decision makers this year are the motorcyclists. Thanks to the online marketing efforts of Nomade Racing, Desert Rose Racing and Nomadas Adventures, this category is already 60% full today.

Registrations of the Side-by-Side vehicles are also going smoothly, reaching today around 50% of the total capacity. (Special thanks to ZZ Kustom with a large number of Swiss participants). The first 25 racing cars and trucks have also registered. In other words: “2024 will be fine!”

There are still enough seats available, but those who also want to register at the cheapest rate should not wait too long. The discount rate is only valid for 1 month and ends irrevocably on August 31, 2023 at midnight.






Source MDC

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